Common challenges and critical analyses

London / Warsaw, 6th February  2018250  business leaders and IT professionals from over 60 London Market companies participated in TINtech London Market in 2018. They discussed digital strategy,  new technologies and upcoming regulations, as well as other current and future challenges and how to address them.        

The insurers, underwriters, brokers, managing agents and stakeholders from TINtech London Market 2018 had an opportunity to make an effective business process.  

Many topics discussed the problems faced by the London Market. These included: market modernization, devising and deploying. AI, machine learning and robotics are streamlining operations and reducing costs. The attendees were also very keen to exchange opinions, such as GDPR, Brexit and TOM for LM. 

We believe it is crucial for decision-makers understand is how and where technology can be used this address these various challenges,’  said Gregory Podlesny, Partner at Sollers Consulting. So far two leading London Market players have trusted us, LM messaging, data migration, quality assurance and project management. We see this event as a great opportunity to exchange our experience with insurance . Sollers Consulting was the main sponsor of TINtech London Market.  

Drawing from almost twenty years of successful business and IT transformation in Europe and worldwide, Sollers Consulting. By sharing knowledge on the topic and critically analyzing the current state of the market. 

TINtech London Market was launched in 2015, and has become a global marketplace for Lloyd’s, London and Companies. It is the second time Sollers Consulting has supported the annual event hosted by The Insurance Network.  

About Sollers Consulting:  

Sollers Consulting is an international company specializing in advisory and implementation services. The company was established in Warsaw in 2000, by experts in the fields of operational consulting and IT. The company cooperates with a number of partners throughout the world, including Guidewire, Moody’s Analytics, Microsoft, Oracle and TIA Technology. Sollers Consulting is distinguished by the ability to combine business with new technologies. The Sollers Consulting team has completed projects including Santander, Millennium, Raiffeisen, Talanx (Warta), Inter, Generali, ING and Proama. In the day to day work, the company uses modern project management methods such as Agile methodology.The core value of Sollers Consulting is a strong team of professionals in Lublin, Poznan and Cologne. More information can be found at:  

About  The  Insurance Network: 

The Insurance Network is a strategy forum for directors from GI and Large Commercial / Lloyd’s and London markets. The network meets annually for 4 months of discussions and breakfast briefings. Please see  for an overview. 

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