Sollers Consulting presenting at 11th Bancassurance Congress

The 11th Bancassurance Congress took place on 17-18th October, under the motto “The New World of Bancassurance”. The Congress is a annual conference organized jointly by the Polish Bank Association and the Polish Insurance Association. Its main objective was to summarize the year in terms of development trends in the bancassurance market, changes in the regulatory environment and consumer relations.

Sollers Consulting had yet again the pleasure to be a Content Partner of this event.

Jarosław Bucoń, Chief Customer Officer at Sollers Consulting, gave a presentation on the new bancassurance model, focusing on Western Europe. He comprehensively discussed bancassurance products, pointing to the mechanisms shaping them, the barriers to the development of the traditional bancassurance offer, as well as operational features of PPI using the functionality of the banking system.

The Bancassurance Congress is a perfect opportunity to network and share knowledge with other participants, so we hope to see you next year.