Mulitplatform eXperience Conference

  • International Expert on User eXperience
    Steve Fisher from Vancouver will talk about how to build organizations able to create applications with high User eXperience and therefore obtain measurable business benefits.
  • Quick implementations and being ready for change thanks to Agile
    Together with our customers, companies from the financial sector, we will discuss cases of implementations, showing how to quickly create new front applications and how to ensure your organization remains open to change.
  • Smartphone / Tablet / Desktop – Responsive Applications
    Using a case of Responsive Web Design application, we will show how to create ergonomic, functional, multi-platform responsive applications.
  • Decision-makers on User eXperience: a panel discussion
    Decision-makers and experts from both the insurance and banking sectors will discuss business values achieved through User eXperience as well as the place of responsive applications in the mobile strategy of the financial institutions.

June 2nd 2014, 9:00am-1:15pm, Intercontinental Hotel, Warsaw

Business development through agile front applications with high User eXperience
  • Agile and responsiveness bring organizations closer to customers and employees.
  • Multiplatform communication with customers and business partners through all available platforms - phones, tablets, desktops...
  • High User eXperience ensures the loyalty of customers and employees, leading to increase of revenues.

In a rapidly changing world, users want to access the latest technologies as quickly as possible. They expect the banks’ and insurers’ products and services, to be as appealing and functional as their mobile devices, which significantly raised the standards for ergonomics. Moreover, they expect the time of adapting to the latest trends to be as short as possible.

This puts organizations under significant pressure. Only openness to technological innovation coupled with with a close and successful cooperation between Business and IT, achieved by having an Agile mindset, can allow companies to meet people’s expectations and use the circumstances as an opportunity for growth. Increased mobility and ergonomics, achieved through User eXperience, HTML5 and other technologies supporting Responsive Web Design, can allow the business to grow with your customers as well as to increase the loyalty, commitment and productivity among your employees, leading to costs reduction. Agile methodologies allow for a quick response to these needs in a dynamically changing environment.

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