Szymon Augustyniak

Editor-in-Chief, CIO Magazine IT Directors, responsible for the CIO Club.

Szymon has been working as a journalist and editor at IDG Poland since 2000. He started his career as a journalist and managing editor of C-level magazines at IDG Poland group: CIO, CEO and CFO. As part of his duties, he writes about business environment of IT management. He holds the current functions since 2009. Szymon graduated the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. He also studied sociology and was briefly a junior lecturer in the Department of Non-European Countries at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Steve Fisher

Co-founder, The Republic of Quality

Steve is the founder and experience architect at The Republic of Quality. With over 18 years of experience he coordinates research, strategy, visual and interaction design, and content strategy. He served as national VP of web for the Graphic Designer’s Society of Canada and has presented at such conferences as TEDx, SXSW, Future of Web, HOW Interactive Design and contributes to .NET Magazine.

Łukasz Jadachowski

General Director, Proama

In Proama since the beginning of its operations in Poland. Before becoming Proama’s Director-General, he served as the Director of Marketing. He used to work at McKinsey, where he advised clients, mainly from the financial, telecommunications and FMCG sectors. Immediately prior to joining Proama, he served as the Head of Buyer Strategy at the European headquarters of eBay in London.

Dariusz Jankowski

CIO, Proama; Member of the Management Board, Generali

Dariusz Jankowski used to work at PZU SA, Liberty Direct and Proama in IT systems’ implementation and development projects. Immediately prior to joining Generali, he served as Deputy Director of IT at Proama.
He is a graduate of the Warsaw University, majoring in computer science. In 2002, he completed postgraduate studies in project management in a financial institution at the Warsaw Polytechnic.
He is interested in software development methodologies, trends in IT technology, photography and traveling.

Mateusz Mazur

Project Manager, PZU

Mateusz Mazur is an experienced computer network specialist that has been working as Project Manager for 9 years. Currently he works for the PZU Group in one of the biggest projects in the insurance industry (Everest Platform). Before joining the project, he was coordinating IT managers in PZU. He approves of any practical methods of project management and development process. Currently, he is a n Agile practitioner, both for development and project/programme management. His current motto is “Agile is a state of mind”.

Igor Popik

Project Manager/Development Leader, PZU

He is an experienced IT systems architect, currently working as an agile Project Manager in one of the biggest IT-implementation projects in the world (Everest Platform). He has worked in various industries, but mainly in the telecommunications and insurance sector. He is convinced that all IT project should be managed in Agile, because this method significantly increases chances of success. He believes that Agile approach is in every developer’s blood and therefore they do not need to learn it.

Barbara Smalska

Member of the Management Board, PZU SA and PZU Life SA

Barbara Smalska is responsible for the individual customers and SMEs for P&C products, as well as marketing, CRM and sales. She joined the PZU Group in November 2008. In 2002-2008 she worked at the Warsaw offices of The Boston Consulting Group. As a strategic advisor for the largest Polish banks, insurers and telecommunications companies, she was responsible for business strategy, operating model, distribution strategy and the organization and dynamism of sales networks.

Michał Ślusarek

Managing Director of Retail Products and Communication, Bank BGŻ

Michał Ślusarek has been working for the BGZ Bank since 2011. Michał is responsible for the preparation of product offers and product marketing for individual customers. Previously he worked at the European headquarters of Avon Cosmetics where he managed marketing and sales teams. From 2003 to 2008 he held a position of a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and was responsible for advising financial services industry clients in the areas of strategy and operational efficiency.

Tomasz Mikoda

Expert, Sollers Consulting

Tomasz Mikoda is an expert in sales and sales management with 14 years of extensive experience in financial institutions. He is skilled in building co-operation between sales' and customer service organizations.
Motivated, with track record of success in leading his teams: sales and back office.
His interests include sales, management and optimization, retail banking, people management, quality and following IT trends.

Jarosław Bucoń

Manager, Sollers Consulting

Jarosław Bucoń is Sollers Consulting manager responsible for life insurance and bancassurance markets. He has more than a decade-long experience in leading operations & IT at insurance companies and his main focus is on optimization of processes and building customer-centric culture. Jarosław is currently working on the analysis of necessary modifications of the business model in the context of the bancassurance market changes. He describes himself as a User eXperience believer and therefore considers Responsive Web Design an inevitable direction of technological changes.

Katarzyna Kmiecik

Consultant, Sollers Consulting

Katarzyna Kmiecik specializes in front-ends for sales and claims' handling systems. During her career she worked on a project to launch operations of a start-up insurance company, where she was responsible for the definition of business processes and designing platform for direct sales as well as web portal for agents.

Grzegorz Podleśny

Senior Manager, Sollers Consulting

Grzegorz Podleśny specialises in projects for the insurance sector. He supported the launch of one of the largest pension funds in Romania, from the definition of processes and organizations to implementation of IT systems. He led the Sollers Consulting team during the project of changing a large Polish insurance company’s central system.
He also took part in several projects aimed at optimising insurance sales and service processes and defining IT support for such processes.

Michał Trochimczuk

Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting

Michał Trochimczuk is the co-founder of Sollers Consulting, where he supervises the advisory team. He has considerable experience in leading projects for financial institutions.
He was leading project such as building a greenfield pension fund, the centralization of operational processes in a large insurance company, which led to increasing the efficiency of the company's headquarters, design and implementation of applications that support the work of the back-office and the front office of an insurer and building operational strategy for a large bank.