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Document Flow Administrator / Processes assistant

Legal Team

When it comes to the legal matters concerning the Sollers Capital Group no print is too fine for us. As the Legal Team we support the company in the scope of contracts negotiations, business matters, policies, security, and personal data. Currently our legal services extend to Poland, Germany, France and Japan, but with Sollers dynamically growing, we will soon move into other countries and regions of the world.

A little too general? Let’s go into details then. In this position you would:

• Administrate and support the document flow process in the company, which includes monitoring of the documents being processed, building relations with people directly cooperating with the Clients, regularly interacting with Board Members to obtain necessary signatures for documents
• Support other processes in the Legal Team, such as the flow of the documents with Suppliers
• Develop as the first line contact for processing the documents to be signed
• Be verifying the final wording of the contracts with the suppliers, providing legal advice if needed

Intrigued? Let’s see if you have what it takes. And what it takes is:

• Completion of studies with full-time job availability
• A very good command of English
• Great communication & organisational skills and the ability to motivate others
• Being open and taking the initiative
• Top-notch computer skills, learning new tools quickly
• Being an analytical person with an eye for detail
• The ability to work under pressure
• Some experience in administrative work, especially with supporting document flow and processes or as an assistant

But enough about work. Let's talk benefits!

And there are many of those in Sollers. Check the graphics below and see for yourself. And if you need more info about Sollers Consulting, read all about us on our website – check the projects we have completed around the world and the integration events we enjoy together (also around the world!)

About Sollers Consulting:

We are a Team of almost 900 professionals who build the Digital Future for the world’s largest insurance, banking, and leasing organizations. Our history of business advisory and software implementation goes back to the year 2000. Sollers Consulting’s roots are in Poland, but the company’s footprint is visible around the world. Working with us means taking part in many projects worldwide (Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Japan). Our teams are located in Warsaw, Cologne, Gdansk, Tokyo, Lublin, Wroclaw, Paris, and Poznań. Being agile across our company and our projects enable us to play an active role in industries with high digitalization needs.

Benefits & Perks

Our team is the heart of our company. That’s why we make Sollers an excellent place to work, where employees feel welcome and comfortable.

Open company culture
Opportunity to work worldwide
Supportive and talented community
Clear home office rules
High-end work equipment
Delicious cereals, coffee and fresh fruits

Recruitment Process



(Telephone) interviews

(Telephone) interviews

Welcome on board!

Welcome on board!

Tips & Tricks

Ola, Senior Support Consultant

Each position is different, as are the qualifications needed in the support teams. In general, we look for independent and reliable employees with good time management, communication and analytical skills. When reviewing CVs or in interviews, I focus on aspects that reveal whether you have such skills and you fit into our team.

I appreciate it when you ask questions during interviews. It shows how well you have prepared and what you expect from working at Sollers.

Karolina, Support Specialist

I prepared for my interview with Sollers in three ways.

1) I reviewed the careers website and social media channels to find out more about Sollers as a company and the position I was applying for.
2) Based on this, I wrote down questions to ask about the company and the position during my interview. I have also prepared well thought out answers to possible questions I might be asked.
3) I practiced my English to be more confident in speaking and writing.

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