Customer references

Below you can find information about selected projects.

AXA Direct implemented ClaimCenter, delivered by Sollers Consulting partner Guidewire, as their claim management platform.

Sollers Consulting supports adjusting ClaimCenter to direct claims management processes. The project scope covers business analysis, solution design, configuration, integration, testing, coordination (scrum master). We also help in agile coaching to contibute to a Scrum methodology implementation.

Basler – Business Area – Non Life Insurance in Germany aims to transform the company by simplifying business processes and cooperating with intermediaries more effectively and replacing old legacy systems.

In preparation for this, Basler decided to run a Proof of Concept for the Guidewire solution and to use the Agile methodology for the implementation project.

The PoC proved that the solution, the implementation partner and the project methodology should work well for Basler in the project.

European financial group Eureko decided to establish a pension fund during the Romanian pension system reform. Sollers Consulting provided holistic support in the creation of the start-up company and its IT architecture. In spite of a late arrival compared to the competitors, the new pension fund became the fifth biggest player on the market.

Sollers Consulting experts helped in defining and implementation of complete Enterprise Architecture. They designed business processes, organisational structure and single job positions, and supported the recruitment efforts. On the side of IT architecture Sollers Consulting support encompassed: designing the IT systems architecture, support in vendor selection process and designing tailor-made IT components, vendor management, building and testing of the tailor-made IT components, integrating the whole architecture.

European Leasing Fund (EFL) decided to review its IT architecture covering IT systems supporting the company’s operations.

As part of this approach, Sollers Consulting experts conducted a project to recommend the directions of the IT architecture development and prepare the necessary requirements. The work covered the definition and analysis of several hypotheses about the IT architecture development and selecting the best option. Then, in order to make the implementation possible, detailed requirements for key components were defined to support critical business processes, taking into account the current components of IT architecture.

Generali decided to change their core system to the newest version of INSIS and to implement a new sales portal compliant with Responsive Web Design approach. The project was completed using Scrum methodology.

Experts from Sollers Consulting IT and advisory teams supported the project, drawing on experience in INSIS implementations, as well as User Experience and RWD. Sollers Consulting helped in designing and implementing a new online sales process, available at first for the customers and Call Center employees and later also for intermediaries.

HDI Asekuracja planned to energise and diversify its sales through a new sales tool. Additionally, simplification and shortening of hitherto paper-based support processes was required. The company also needed to perform data cleansing and deduplication.

Sollers Consulting prepared the business strategy for the new tool based on a business case; business processes were reengineered together with HDI Asekuracja experts. The designed sales tool was built by Sollers Consulting IT team; in the meantime also Call Centre was reorganised and the data cleansing and deduplication rules were defined and executed in the core insurance system TIA.

ING Bank Śląski is preparing an innovative Internet Banking system Moje ING (My ING) according to the Responsive Web Design paradigm. The project is conducted in the Scrum methodology.

Sollers Consulting specialists form two Scrum teams participating in development works. We are responsible for preparing the functionalities related to customer account management (management of customer data, addresses, access, blockades, mobile apps, contacts, etc.), as well as planned transactions (mechanisms related to standing orders). We have also built the demo version of the whole system which will assist new customers who wish to learn more about the Moje ING application, as well as serve bank employees in their trainings.

Nationale-Nederlanden was looking for an innovative solution to support insurance sales, which would give the company new cooperation opportunities with banks and other partners.

The main business need of NN was the possibility to introduce new products and services quickly and efficiently. This is why they decided to implement a platform consisting of two systems: RIFE as a core back-end system and RIFE as a front-end; the platform made it possible for NN to introduce new products within a few weeks. Implementation of both systems took around six months.

Sollers Consulting supported the whole project, from the analysis of business requirements and backlog definition together with NN experts, through development (configuration and customisation of TIA and RIFE and integrations with other IT systems at NN)

The project was conducted in an agile Scrum methodology, which allowed very dynamic work progress and at the same time regular review of results.

Sollers Consulting participated in a project whose goal was to launch the operations of a start-up insurance company. It was the first implementation of a complete IT architecture using Scrum in the Polish insurance sector. A score system with no previous Polish implementation (INSIS) was selected to support the operations.

The team of IT specialists and business consultants from Sollers Consulting helped in the efficient implementation of the core system, as well as sales front-ends for agents and a direct sales portal for customers, at the same time ensuring knowledge transfer to the growing Customer’s team. Proama’s IT solutions have received several awards due to their high UX. Proama was also an instant business success in terms of sales of policies.

Sollers Consulting supported the implementation of a new claim management platform in Warta after its merger with HDI Asekuracja. Warta selected ClaimCenter system delivered by Guidewire. The project was conducted using Scrum methodology.

The project was supported by business consultants and IT specialists from Sollest Consulting, whose engagement started in the inception phase, when the scope of works was defined, and continued in the development and stabilisation phases. During the project ClaimCenter was integrated with the policy administration system at Warta. Warta implementation is one of the fastest in the world and in spite of the quick tempo, full knowledge transfer to the Customer’s team was ensured.

P&V and Sollers Consulting started cooperation in 2016 in relation to P&V transformation. P&V had been looking for partners that could support not only the technical implementation, but also help in releasing the organization’s innovation potential, in particular thanks to using Agile methodologies in project management.

Sollers Consulting was engaged in core system implementation and integration of the following Guidewire solutions: PolicyCenter, Portals, Data_Hub, as well as in building the DevOps in P&V. Sollers Consulting was selected as P&V partner due to its experience in similar projects in Europe and its collegial approach to conducting digital transformations.

The cooperation between companies took place between 2016 and 2017. Currently P&V and Sollers are planning further joint projects.