Why use a UX agency

for your digitialisation?

At Sollers we know what it takes to delight users

thanks to our very own formula for the UX delivery

Why use a UX agency

for your digitialisation?

At Sollers we know what it takes to delight users

thanks to our very own formula for the UX delivery

We already do our projects with
the UX approach


At Sollers we like to work in Agile – our teamiteratively work to

incrementally build a final solution. This makes us responsive to changes,

and responsive to user needs.


So, it is only natural that our UX design process fused quite organically with our Sollers Delivery Model. 


Our UX delivery runs parallel to a project from Day 1 helping to quickly adapt to changes and enabling constant improvements.  

Our formula

Enhancing customer experience is amongst top declared goals for CIOs. And at Sollers we aim at bringing incremental value for our clients to allow them to best serve their end users.  


Our added value is combining IT experts with experienced business-oriented individuals who are also skilled and qualified UX experts. Our UX professionals are involved in the project from the very beginning, which gives them a better understanding of business needs. 


At Sollers we developed our own set of UX techniques, which we utilise to craft an optimal solution.  From deep understanding of the end user (through personas, wireframes and prototypes) to usability testing – we can support end-to-end solution design and its implementation. 

Design principles

establish framework for better decision
making while designing a solution


inject data into personas, journey maps
and enrich contextual inquiry study
of your end users

User journey

identify scenarios and touchpoints
of a user journey


consider goals, desires and pain points
of customers to deliver a user-centered

Usability tests

understand how real users interact with
the product and make changes based
on the results

Wireframes & prototypes

visualise the solution and iteratively
arrive at optimal design

Everyone likes success stories and we are no different
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Claim portal for motor insurance

In 2020 we implemented a claim portal in Allianz UK allowing insurance brokers and fleet managers to report FNOL and monitor claim status via user-friendly, self-service solution.

Scope of our work included design of a user-oriented application and implementation of a responsive layout compliant with Allianz’s brand book.

The solution was integrated with core claim system as well as Google Maps and Google Analytics to enhance user experience.

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Digital solution for leading insurance company

Since 2018 we have been supporting the Client in expanding their digital capabilities with customer delight at its heart. Partnering with the Client we delivered user research and UX design, interfaces and provided IT dev support. All deliverables have been aligned to Client’s digital strategic direction, covering multi-branded products and providing state of the art Customer Experience while supporting flexibility and awareness for their clients.

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Digital Banking platform (Poland)

Implementation of Digital Banking platform, which was the first full RWD product in that institution, is a starting point of Sollers cooperation with the Client. We supported them in technical expertise and development of most innovative UX solutions. Our team created mocked demo version, several fundamental modules: Documents, Upcoming transactions etc. Combination of our technical capabilities and customer complex designs resulted in highly rated and very popular platform for Digital Banking. Together the Client and Sollers showed that Agile and UX-first approach pays off.

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Direct product for major insurer

Transforming our Client’s core system opened the door for digital channel upgrade in 2015.

To fulfill Client’s strategic business goals, we drove full digital transformation encompassing tailor-made, award winning portal solution that greatly enhanced customer digital sales journey and improved Call Centre support.

Delivery approach that supported internal Agile transformation as very desired side effect has been appreciated by the Client.

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