Business Advisory and Operational Consultancy
How to best your competition on unpredictable markets of financial services, with the best combination of IT, people and vendors
Business Advisory and Operational Consultancy
How to best your competition on unpredictable markets of financial services, with the best combination of IT, people and vendors

Business advisory

Why is business advisory needed?

Saying that market conditions are constantly changing is almost a cliché these days. Planning is like chasing a moving target.

Your strategy needs to be substantial enough to make a meaningful and outstanding contribution to the market, and flexible, in order to keep-up with changes. Operating on both the strategy creation and implementation worldwide, we can help you in setting the direction for your company, complete with actionable, achievable set of strategic activities.

Operational consultancy

Why is operational consultancy so important?

It is said that ideas are worthless while implementation is everything. We believe, that good ideas are an integral part of a strategy (see above), but only through proper implementation can they bring value. We mastered agile-based implementation processes working for our clients and internally. It has been helping us sustain two-digit yearly growth for the last 20 years. That is why we believe that our operational consultancy services like IT Project Audit, Process Optimisation, Vendor Selection, IT Systems Architecture Consultancy, and Agile Transformation may leverage our clients’ creative efforts and forge them into sustainable solutions in the changing market environment.  

Business Advisory Services and Operational Consultancy Services





Strategy Development Support

Unsure which way to go? We can help you define a long-term direction, a set of interconnected goals and actionable activities, oriented at building the company value for customers and owners alike, while challenging and supporting your internal stakeholders.

Process optimisation

Do you want to get the most out of your new IT system? Your organisation follows traditional patterns? This is the best time to apply and leverage business process optimisation. We do that on a daily basis for the financial sector around the world. Great chances are, we can help you, too.

Vendor selection support

If you have been in IT for many years, you probably know how tricky it is to choose a proper vendor. If you are new, you are likely to find out soon. It is about your needs, vendor capabilities, credibility, sometimes underestimation, overpromising, usually a long relationship. Other potentially important aspects are strategy alignment, inspiration, understanding, and safety. We do it for us. We can do it for you.

IT Project Audit

Statistically, there is a high risk that 9,9%* of your project investment will be wasted by overbudgeting, delays, scope creeping or inability to meet business goals. If you feel that this is the case, let us help you with the IT Project Audit and our unique approach.

IT Systems Architecture Consultancy

At first glance, designing IT Architecture may seem simple: drawing boxes, collecting stamps and overcomplicating the obvious. Until you need to expand, transform, make an acquisition, or just introduce another new product. Designing solutions in a way that will avoid future pitfalls can get tricky and requires broad knowledge and experience. Our IT Architecture Advisory can help you handle the complexity of connecting your business needs and technical capabilities.

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Their expertise in the field means that they’re able to bring a different perspective.

Jeffrey Crawford

Global Claims Platform Lead


What really impresses me the most about them is the depth of knowledge and experience.

Nicolas Rhatigan

Claims Business Lead

Aviva UK

It’s not really about a customer-supplier relationship, it is about one team working to achieve the same goals.

Evandro Manolas

IT Claims Manager

Allianz UK

How did a leading insurer in Scandinavia assure code quality for a large project? Being in progress of implementing Guidewire Claim Center, a leading Scandinavian insurer wanted to assure that the code produced by software developers was best possible quality. Sollers seemed to be a good fit for a quality assurance expert as we have vast experience in implementing large Guidewire projects and we know how to stay focused on timely delivery without compromising on quality.
SMART claims handling

It’s getting harder to imagine a world without mobile devices. These highly technologically advanced and increasingly expensive tools are very prone to damages. Fortunately, you can insure them. But how does the process work in reality, when a device is damaged?

Our Client together with Sollers Consulting created a platform for the claims handling process, which is an innovative solution, addressing the needs of today’s customers.

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