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More flexibility in the insurance business
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Client: A leading bank in Germany

Project duration: 1 year

People involved: More than 100 employees, 35 of them Sollers

Special features: 100% agile and 100% remote

About the customer

Our client is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world and one of the leaders in consumer finance in Germany. It is best known for having dominated the consumer loan market and for having achieved an exceptionally strong position in instalment and car loans.

What was the goal of the project

The bank’s insurance logic was spread across several systems, resulting in a long response time to market changes. In the light of the “Provisionsdeckel” – a german regulation that will put a cap on commissions – the bank decided that its insurance logic needed a deep overhaul.

One of the main business assumptions was the sale of insurance through the bank’s extensive branch network. With an already complex range of banking products, the sales process had to be quick and simple, both for customers and for the bank’s sales staff.

To achieve this, our client decided to implement a user-friendly digital platform with a high level of automation to support the sales process. In addition, the challenge was to implement a low-code, configurable platform that would not require significant involvement of scarce internal IT resources.

What solution was implemented

Sollers partnered with the bank to implement RIFE – an omnichannel digital platform designed to create seamless digital customer journeys. The complete insurance logic of standalone and tied products will be completely stored in RIFE and from there distributed to the bank’s partners.

The project is 100% agile, allowing our client to have constant control over the outcomes. Early involvement of the client’s employees and intelligent agile prototyping were key to having a powerful recommendation engine that enabled insurance packages to be sold in seconds, supported by an analysis of the customer’s needs.

As a result, the bank will receive an independent platform, where it can manage the insurance products and their sales and after-sales processes in one place. This makes the introduction of new products easier, quicker and cheaper, allowing the offer to be further enriched.

Learn more about the low-code platform for bancassurance and affinity: RIFE

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