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Best practices for nearshoring. Why bother? Based on Admiral
May 10, 2021 Event, Innovation in Insurance 2021, Nearshoring, Sollers , Video , Sollers

Insurance often focuses on technology, so the session on nearshoring offered great offset with its stress on the human factor.

Even if you missed our conference, you can still watch the recording of session online .

In order to get the access to the recording, please visit conference website: innovation.sollers.eu

*The conference is dedicated to professionals from the financial sector and is available after internal verification.

Key takeaways:

  • Nearshoring has evolved from a costreduction solution to an innovation booster
  • Building a strong team of profession-als is often considered too costly and time-consuming
  • Nearshoring can offer flexibility in team and skills scaling in a cost-effective manner
  • Cooperation requires a similar cultureand an honest, trustful relation.