The new headquarters of Sollers Consulting like in Google

Sollers Consulting has moved to the new office. As of 21st March, Sollers Warsaw Office is now based at Koszykowa 54 Trade Center.

The new office is located in the center of Warsaw, at the intersection of Koszykowa Street and Lwowska Street. It is positioned among antique tenement houses what provides a unique character and atmosphere. It is also perfectly situated for direct access to a range of public transport (metro, tramps and buses).

„At Sollers Consulting, we recognize the needs of today’s employee. While conceptualizing the creation of our new office, we considered many factors but location was one of the most important ones. It was vital that our employees would have an easy access to the office and a space that would have a unique atmosphere” – says Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner in Sollers Consulting.

The office is located in a completely modernized seven-floor building. Koszykowa 54 Trade Center is 10,800 m2 of modern and functional office space with a reception, keycard access and 24-hour security.

In the building and close by, there is a wide selection of restaurants, shops, pubs and cafes.

The interior and facilities are at a standard that Google or Apple would not be ashamed of. The new 1500m2 Sollers office is modern but at the same time cozy. Rooms have been designed using Scandinavian style, characterized by simplicity, innovation and Eco friendly solutions. The office is equipped with the latest audio-visual systems and other facilities, aimed to provide increased comfort while working.


Workplaces are equipped with amongst other things: electrically adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs imported from Japan, soundproofing and sound deadening panels. Moreover, for employees who work on external projects and who are rarely in the Warsaw office, additional workplaces such as “hot desks” and personal lockers are provided.


To facilitate communication and work within teams which are in different locations, there are “media walls”, consisting of the latest touchable monitors, cameras and white board surfaces.

Meetings are scheduled in 7 conference rooms with the possibility of reservation by tablets. Each room is equipped with a 70-inch monitor and audio systems. Moreover, there are interactive boards (eBeam) provided for working between several remote locations.



At Sollers, there are places for people to be creative with their work (Concept Room, Focus Room), as well as „Chill out Rooms” (equipped with game consoles, a library, and table soccer), a mother and child room, spacious café-life kitchens, swings and comfortable poufs spread throughout the office space.

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“We cared about rooms and locations that would be well suited to an informal atmosphere, while maintaining the characteristics of a work zone. We wanted to create a friendly environment, combined with innovative and eco solutions” – adds Marcin Pluta.


Overall, the new office is the perfect environment for comfortable working, an eco-friendly approach and employees conscious of a healthy lifestyle. The younger generation wants and expects these things and companies hoping to attract the best talent should consider these factors when choosing or designing an office.

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