Implementing the Agile methodology

At Sollers Consulting we successfully employ the Agile approach to project management for leading financial institutions, e.g. in implementation of Sales Front-ends or of core systems for policy and claims management.

Our customers can benefit from services of an experienced team consisting of project managers and scrum masters, who have successfully applied Scrum, an Agile management method, during projects in many different companies.

Sollers Consulting has already supported several insurance companies during the process of transition to Agile project management method.

For many companies it is a challenge to apply new project management and software development methods. This is why support from external experts can be an important success factor.

In order to be able to support our Clients the best we can, we have developed two forms of cooperation:

  1. Joint project, where sollers Consulting implements an IT solution for the customer with the help of Agile methodology. The customer’s employees belong to the Scrum teams and thus learn the Agile methodology. This practical experience with Agile can then in turn be applied to other projects carried out within the clients’ organization.
  2. Several experienced Scrum practitioners from Sollers Consulting become members of project teams. Our experts perform regular project tasks (like software development or refinement of User Stories), but at the same time they are facilitating application of Agile working practices. As Scrum Masters they are providing the project team with training on agile methods and serve as Agile coaches on a daily basis.

Both form of cooperation ensure that the client will have a practical training in Agile management methods in the course of the implementation project and at the same time a new IT solution will be implemented.

We are providing our clients with support, so that the following success factors of Agile management method can be entrenched at their companies:

Thanks to Agile, Sollers Consulting has been able to:

  1. deliver implementation of a claims management system within 7 months
  2. ensure the sales of first policies at a start-up insurance company within 5 months

Modern Agile methods welcome close cooperation and communication between business and IT teams in order to deliver business value fast and efficiently.

Thanks to Agile it is possible to make process of developing an IT solution transparent and incremental. Stakeholders are closely involved in the project and have plenty of opportunities to manage priorities and to introduce modifications. For that reason the risks associated with the project are relatively lower than by classic project management methods.

The advantages of Agile in comparison with the classic Waterfall management methods have been confirmed by analysts e.g. Standish Group.

Therefore an increasing number of enterprises want to use Agile methods to their own advantage.