Insurance Core Systems

Our team, consisting of IT specialists and business consultants, provides support in the implementation of core systems.

Our services include:

  1. Business analysis of processes and functionalities
  2. Business Case definition and support in vendor selection
  3. Configuration and customization of off-the-shelf software
  4. Integration with other systems
  5. Preparation of implementation: definition and execution
  6. Project management
  7. Post–implementation maintenance and system support
  8. Upgrades of off-the-shelf products
Examples of Sollers Consulting projects

We collaborate only with carefully selected Partners that deliver best-of-breed insurance core systems. We have developed IT and business competences around the solutions of our Partners:


Core Systems are the most important IT systems of the insurance company, since they are vital for sustaining processes which are crucial for its proper functioning.


Off-the-shelf products

There are many off-the-shelf products available on the market, which are able to sustain the core processes and functionalities of the insurance companies. Such systems are evaluated by independent analysts and the best solutions are implemented in dozens of insurance companies in several countries.

This enables an insurance company to take advantage of best practices in this area.

Many successful implementations mean that the risk associated with introducing the system in the insurance company is relatively low.

Core systems implementation projects

Implementation of a core system is a complex, long-term project and to ensure its success it should be supported by its stakeholders at all levels within the organization. Usually the risk associated with the implementation is very high.

There are however several success factors which mitigate the risk, including: