Portals for the financial sector – Sollers Responsive Solutions

New technology changes user needs

People today are globally mobile and use mobile devices more extensively than ever before

Responsive Web Design – the solution

RWD is the answer to the question of how applications and websites can be shaped for different devices. RWD offers:

  • Ease of use
  • Optimal screen display (easy to read, navigation with little changes in size, swiping and scrolling)
  • Usability in a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop monitors etc.)

Sollers Consulting rises to the challenges posed by the mobile world and provides a comprehensive solution which integrates both business and technology.

Sollers Responsive Solutions use among other things the following:

  • Mobile First – design and implementation. Designing the solution first for the smallest screen, usability across all devices can be easily ensured
  • User-Centered-Design; once the context of use has been understood, user-friendliness can be achieved
  • Identification of a platform and its features: once the platform, on which the website is being displayed, has been identified, the application can use the native navigation elements (like swipe or pinch) as well as native functionalities (like GPS, gyroscope, camera)
  • UX –Tests: In order to develop intuitive software it is necessary to carry out empirical tests with regard to its user-friendliness

Responsive Insurance-Front-End is a web-based insurance product configuration and sales platform able to adjust itself to any device it is displayed on – regardless of the screen size.

To find out more please visit rife.sollers.eu