Let us guide your journey to the cloud


Let us guide your journey to the cloud

Cloud is an important pillar of a successful transformation strategy for the financial industry.

 Cost optimisation, scalability, flexibility, and a shorter time to market are among the key benefits of cloud computing. We have noticed that many insurers, banks, and other players from the financial industry do not exploit the full potential of the cloud. They often lack a clear vision and strategy and are afraid about uncertainties such as data security or regulatory frameworks.

Highest availability and modern disaster recovery tactics to ensure business continuity.
Cost reduction by on-demand pricing or reserving infrastructure in advance for longer periods of time.
High scalability sets the course for future growth. Sudden load peaks are handled easily and without performance bottlenecks.
Quicker time-to-market due to the immediate availability of IT resources and higher modularity of IT landscape.
Cloud services implement advanced encryption and geo-redundancy which results in high resilience and data security.

Our experienced professionals support financial institutions in their pursuit for cloud excellence


As an independent business advisor, Sollers Consulting develops a tailor-made Cloud Business Case in close collaboration with the client to reveal the opportunities and business values of the Cloud.  We use our domain and cloud expertise to support insurers and banks in developing a customised cloud architecture and transformation strategy. Our experienced cloud architects and consultants will thoroughly monitor and assess cloud readiness and provide a roadmap for infrastructure deployment plans. Sollers Consulting supports the development and self-sustainability of the client's teams with the right tools and skills to manage an ever-evolving cloud infrastructure.


How do we support our customers?


Cloud advisory

We support Financial Institutions from the beginning, through all the stages of their journey to the Cloud. We help to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of cloud computing, navigate through different technologies (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and choose the most suitable option.

  • Market-oriented regulatory support

Regulatory constraints are one of the main inhibitors of cloud adoption. We support our customers in defining all local cloud legal requirements, building engagement path with the regulator and preparing all the necessary documentation.

  • Business case validation

We help customers to build a solid business case around the cloud by analysing their business and IT strategy, their goals and current situation. We compare present and potential future situation to assess tangible and intangible benefits that will ease the process of decision making.

  • Target architecture

While working with our customers we support them with design of their future cloud-native architecture that will take into consideration a company’s cloud strategy, benefits of different technologies and costs of implementation.

  • Cloud-native development

Sollers professionals support with on-going cloud development, bringing their expertise in topics such as containerisation, microservices, cost optimisation in order to build a full cloud-native IT landscape.

  • Cloud transformation

We support our customers in their E2E journey to the cloud. Our experts' help starts with transformation programme design and planning, goes through development and testing of new solutions, and then continues with further optimisation and introduction of new innovative solutions.

  • Core-in-the-cloud

As a company experienced in delivery of Insurance core systems (e.g. Guidewire, Tia, Insis) we specialise in highly optimal transitions of such systems to cloud solutions (AWS, Azure, Google). We offer support in environments preparation, migration of data and maintenance.

Leading International Insurer in Japan

Guidewire InsuranceSuite© integrated with Front-End Portals and big infrastructure: hybrid deployment utilising cloud and on-premise. Fully automated code deployment made the release cycle significantly faster. Project infrastructure utilising container platform concepts, provides a stable, quick and robust deployment platform.

Leading British Insurer Guidewire PolicyCenter©, ClaimCenter© and large infrastructure: 40 non-Prod environments, many points of integration. Migration to an AWS Cloud and automation of the process made it possible to decrease the time of run of new test environment from 2 months to 1 hour. Automated code analysis combined with part-automated tests significantly increased the quality of the deployed code and reduced time of tests.

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