Our support for your organisation


Our support for your organisation

DevOps yields significant benefits


Shorter Time-to-Market
of changes in IT systems,
thanks to shortened
release cycles

Increased quality
and reliability
of provided IT solutions,
thanks to higher automation

On-demand releases,
allowing for unprecedented
flexibility in management
of IT requirements

Significant time savings,
especially with scarce IT resources,
on configuration
of environments and testing

Culture and processes



Both the infrastructure and development teams feel as part of the project. Therefore, commitment is significantly increased.


Code delivery and deployment are part of one, often automated cycle. There are no typical handovers.



Well-designed processes
require the right choice of tools to reach
high automation and efficiency.

Optimise the work of the entire company, using the tools and creating DevOps culture*  
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
  • Cloud & Infrastructure​
  • Quality Assurance Automation​
  • Experienced & mobile Team
  *Sollers Consulting provides services in all mentioned areas. We also offer our proprietary products like BATS and GoQu.

Core in the cloud products


On the basis of our cloud digital transformation projects we have created a set of products that can help our customer join the digital transformation journey.


Cloud environment creation

  • Sollers has a ready to deploy framework of running an insurance core system (Guidewire/TIA/INSIS suite) on AWS/Azure cloud. It means we know which cloud components should be used to achieve the best performance and cost ratio.
  • Our ready to deploy framework includes all specific core options – like Portals/FrontEnd/DataHub.
  • We have capabilities to migrate to cloud other subsystems that are connected to the insurance core. Once we have a full picture of the current architecture, we propose the desired architecture on the basis of our experience and using our ready to deploy role model.
  • We can offer maintenance and/or migration to cloud environment.

Cloud maintenance

  • Sollers has a ready to deploy framework for the maintenance the cloud-based environment.
  • Sollers will monitor crucial cloud parameters like CPU, RAM, disk usage.
  • Sollers will monitor statuses of crucial business endpoints – like WWW sites, portals, API, etc.
  • Sollers can monitor SLA of essential business operations – like offer calculation, etc.
  • Sollers will apply all crucial updates on the operating system and application server level.

Move existing
on-premise to cloud

  • Sollers has a ready-to-go, optimised plan to move the existing on-premise environment to cloud
  • It’s a customer’s decision what should be done with the 3rd party software (satellite systems, ESB, etc.) – we can move it to cloud or leave as-is
Leading Polish PC Insurer (INSIS) INSIS PC with a custom Front-End. Over 10 environments plus Production, all on on-premise. Fully automated code deployment with QA process made the release cycle significantly faster.
Leading International Insurer in Japan

Guidewire InsuranceSuite© integrated with Front-End Portals and big infrastructure: hybrid deployment utilising cloud and on-premise. Fully automated code deployment made the release cycle significantly faster. Project infrastructure utilising container platform concepts, provides a stable, quick and robust deployment platform.

Leading British Insurer Guidewire PolicyCenter©, ClaimCenter© and large infrastructure: 40 non-Prod environments, many points of integration. Migration to an AWS Cloud and automation of the process made it possible to decrease the time of run of new test environment from 2 months to 1 hour. Automated code analysis combined with part-automated tests significantly increased the quality of the deployed code and reduced time of tests.

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