Code quality assurance tool


Code quality assurance tool


Go for Quality

GoQu is the next generation code analyser which allows you to identify the most important issues in your code.

GoQu is actually more of a service that is able to find issues in the code, explain to the developer why this is an issue, and show the developer how to solve it.

This brings real business value and helps to meet the company’s goals.


Automating code review


Key value of the code review is to make your software better.
GoQu not only identifies relevant issues but helps you to choose the most
important ones and address them with helpful guidelines from our
team of experts, all while saving time of your quality assurance team.


Every decision has its consequences


Even a very tiny infraction may contribute to significant losses in the future.

Especially as these tend to accumulate over time.


Thanks to Sollers’ vast experience in implementing Guidewire products,

GoQu with its in-depth analysis tracks over 120 bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities and suggests proper actions to eliminate them.

Advantages and benefits


generates customizable reports in SonarQube for developers and management, providing an overview of the entire Gosu code base.



is a tool for a single developer to analyze their work-in-progress Gosu code directly in Guidewire Studio and fix it on the fly.



is a combination of features known from GoQu Hub and Dev but dedicated to front-end code of Guidewire Digital products.

An average development team made


mistakes while reading this website.

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