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SMART claims handling
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About Customer

Our client  – a Polish company, and a leader specialising in designing and implementing innovative insurance programmes and services for mobile devices, as well as leasing such devices. Clients’ services more than 3 million customers in 7 European countries.


What was the goal of the project

Sollers Consulting and their Client,  began a cooperation in order to create an innovative solution, which enabled our client to improve its claims handling process.

Clients’ basic scope of operations focuses on the fastest and most efficient delivery of the repaired mobile device (a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop) to the Customer. Main goals of the joint undertaking were improving the Customer service quality, increasing cost efficiency of the claims handling process and the speed of delivering the services.


What solution was implemented

Within the project a core system for the claims handling process was implemented. Of key importance to the project was integrating the system with external entities, responsible for parts of the processes. Efficient and synchronised information exchange shortened the process, at the same time providing the Customers with the information about the stage of the device’s repair.

We made available to the Customers a number of communication channels – e-mail, text messages, a preview of the application status on the customer portal. We made sure that the information and customer service was consistent and uniform throughout all communication channels.

When considering the number of claims handled, the existing back data was used in order to boost processes efficiency and automation. Based on that data it was possible to automate some steps thus minimising human involvement.

Additionally, claims segmentation was designed – mostly to address their level of complexity or a necessity to undertake extra steps, involve employees or other entities.

As we were providing claims handling services for multiple Partners, during the project we focused on the solution being flexible. A mechanism was introduced, which made it possible to quickly implement new products.

The solution created by Sollers Consulting in cooperation with Client, is an interesting novelty on the market. It fills a gap in the area of the systems supporting claims handling of small electronic equipment. Combined with unique “know-how” of Client as regards innovative insurance programmes and services for mobile devices, it is a solution which gives Customers a guarantee, that they won’t have to worry about the repairs of their devices.

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