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Meet the Management Guru – Sollers Consulting Hiring in Warsaw
Mar 23, 2018 Career at Sollers, Sollers , Event, News , Sollers

On 22nd March, almost 70 Polish and international students and graduates from 10 leading universities and colleges in Warsaw attended the Open Day at our office.

Sollers Consulting has always bet on talented and ambitious graduates of numerous higher-education institutions in Warsaw.

Our guests could find out more about the company, the insurance industry and IT implementations. The welcome speech was given by Grzegorz Podleœny (Partner at Sollers Consulting), while our programmers and business consultants helped the participants feel the spirit of the company.

‘We are really happy that so many students and graduates are interested in our event and are considering applying for a job at Sollers Consulting. As an international and multicultural company, we carry out projects in Poland and worldwide, focusing on our employees’ constant development,’ said Grzegorz Podleœny.

The event organised at the company’s main office at Koszykowa street was a unique opportunity to meet Andrzej Klesyk (former CEO of PZU), who shared his managerial knowledge and experience with the participants. He was also keen to answer several questions they asked.

‘It’s incredible that we, as students, can simply come here, meet the true management guru, approach him and talk about our ideas and doubts,’ said Piotr, this year’s graduate of SGH (Warsaw School of Economics).

After the official part, we enjoyed networking in a less formal atmosphere. The winners of our table football and FIFA tournaments got valuable prizes, but the other participants did not leave the office empty-handed.