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Core insurance systems

leverage innovation and business

Core insurance systems

leverage innovation and business

Our capabilities to always deliver


Financial groups
as customers


Countries where
we delivered value

Thanks to over 250 projects for 100 customers in 30 countries, we have learnt the processes, products and local specificities in different markets.

We are proud to always deliver, owing to our experience, accumulated knowledge and unique expertise, which maximise business valuelower TCO and ensure project success. 

We have developed a set of tools and methodologies to be faster and safer and to deliver value of the highest quality. 

Core insurance systems in the Sollers portfolio






other custom
core systems

Our support toolbox

helps in complex


low-code automated
regression testing

live analysis and quality assurance
of GOSU code

stress-testing for Guidewire

product definition in a core system
using visual mapping

export and import of policies with
all related entities between
environments of Guidewire

What do we provide to help with core system implementations?

On the basis of multiple large implementation projects and programs, we have created the Sollers Delivery Model, our proven implementation methodology. We help customers throughout the whole transformation process – starting with the Target Operating Model as a transformation plan from AS-IS to TO-BE, all the way to implementation projects and maintenance services. 



We provide our customers with a conceptual framework for enterprise-level implementation projects, which helps in managing the complexity of the digital transformation to achieve bigger efficiency and business optimisation. ​ 



Guidewire, the most advanced system designed for the largest companies and most complex

businesses, has been in our portfolio since 2010. We have formed a team of more than 440

experts with practical experience in the Guidewire configuration and service. 


We are proud to be the biggest Guidewire implementation partner in Europe!


Typical problems a core system modernisation enables you to solve

  • Instability of legacy systems that don’t support modern business models 
  • Unacceptable time to market for new products and tariffs 
  • Uncompetitive user and customer experience 
  • High leakage and operating costs 

Typical problems a core system modernisation enables you to solve

  • Limited access to cutting-edge digital technologies and real-time data 
  • Low labour productivity in all areas of value chain 
  • High IT cost of both maintenance and new feature development 
  • Stymied scalability and inability to manage high business complexity 
core systems assistance by sollers
Each Client is a different story
  • Sales started within 5 months

An insurance greenfield startup started sales within 5 months;

we helped them implement a new core platform and an innovative

frontend, which won several market awards 


  • Go-live 4 months ahead of schedule

A large-scale transformation of a P&C Insurer, including the implementation

of a new core platform, went live 4 months ahead of schedule 

eliminating additional license costs for the customer. 


  • The largest Agile transformation in Europe

A leading CEE Insurer with over 20m customers historically
struggled with flexibility and was losing market shares; we helped them
with the largest Agile transformation in history while implementing
a new core platform.

Every Client is a different story
  • New Line of Business within 6 months

A traditionally Life-focused insurer decided to set up P&C-insurance;

we helped them establish a new Line of Business within 6 months 
by implementing a new core system and a  frontend for bancassurance

within that timeframe. 


  • Achieve 50% of sales from up- and cross-sell

We helped a consumer bank begin the sales of insurance products and
achieve 50% of sales from up- and cross-sell of the insurance products
with multiple business partners in 4.5 months.



Each insurance business is a subject to unique insurance regulations as well as local economic, political, cultural and technical influences.


With over 90 projects for more than 30 customers across the world we have built an in-depth understanding of country specific requirements in many markets.

We gather the knowledge about product construction, processes, local regulations, reporting standards, payment systems, data privacy and other compliance requirements, data exchange standards, industry specific integrations as well as integrations to other enterprise systems popular in the country.

We maintain this knowledge in local insurance expertise competences to be able to provide localized services to our customers in:

  • UK (including London Market)
  • DACH
  • Nordics
  • Japan
  • France
  • Poland

Sollers approach to implementation

We use Agile to iteratively deliver results for our customers. Lean approach helps us address the common challenges
we faced when helping clients transform their organisations.



In the first, bronze version, we deliver only a Minimum Viable Product i.e. end-to-end “happy path” process, which allows to verify the concept against the market.



In the silver version, we enhance the end-to-end „happy path process” and add new main processes to accelerate the feedback loop from system users.



Then we deliver the gold version, which is a production-ready solution to address all must-have requirements, including regulatory ones.



Finally, we deliver the platinum, fully fledged version with extensions, additional nice-to-have functionalities and automations.

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