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Sollers for digital insurance

Where your process touches customers

Sollers for digital insurance

Where your process touches customers

Become a digital leader

Sollers Consulting offers top technology and expertise which are vital for your digital success. 

What we mean by digitalisation in insurance is transforming processes where there is direct interaction with consumers.

We adapt them to rising consumers’ expectations with the use of modern technology. 

Today, digitalisation is easier than you can imagine if you have an experienced partner you can trust. 

We make what matters work for you

Digital insurance consists of many aspects but all in all they should allow to effectively engage the customers, advise them about the best offer

and provide a smooth and easy sales process.  

Focus on key digital insurance trends: 

  • Offer personalisation 
  • Omnichannel sales processes 
  • Fast customer journey and products adjustment and testing 
  • Quick adaptation to legal changes 

Implement software solutions that will support realisation

of your digital strategy. 


Serve them seamlessly
and quickly


Be where your customers are


When you meet them, give them
what they really need

Sollers is helping insurers and banks
to strive in the digital world

See how we help our clients:

Digital strategy
and operating model

Digital strategy
and operating model

  • Define digital future for your company with your corporate strategy in mind.  
  • Create practical and highly effective digital strategies. We not only define assumptions and initiatives that look good on paper. In our 20 years of experience, we have completed over 100 business advisory and IT implementation projects and we know what should but also can be delivered.  
  • Build digital strategies that have strong technological but practical dimension. 

Digital operations

Digital operations

  • We focus on designing processes that will impress your customers and bring significant value to your business.
  • We implement solutions that help you orchestrate your digital effort. We assure proper IT architecture and strive to implement software that builds strong foundation for future digital expansion. 
  • We have implemented many RPA initiatives, delivering instant value to insurersbanks and their customers. 
  • We help our clients to identify and implement quick wins.  

Digital change management

Digital change management

  • Digital is nimble. So are our projects.
    We follow agile principles and transfer
    the knowledge and experience to our clients.
  • We have successfully led complex
    programs and projects, showing superior
    transparency through application of agile.
  • We make sure that your organisation completes the project with an outstanding piece of software but also with agile in its bloodstream.
SMART claims handling It’s getting harder to imagine a world without mobile devices. These highly technologically advanced and increasingly expensive tools are very prone to damages. Fortunately, you can insure them. But how does the process work in reality, when a device is damaged? Our Client together with Sollers Consulting created a platform for the claims handling process, which is an innovative solution, addressing the needs of today’s customers.
Building a new insurance startup in Poland A large worldwide insurance group decided to open a new insurance start up in Poland. They wanted to go-live in 5-6 months and initially planned to target a direct channel. Due to the change of business goals the team had to adapt to deliver the agent channel first. However, the team needed to think about a complete solution and optimising the implementation effort.
Leading International Insurer in Japan

Guidewire InsuranceSuite© integrated with Front-End Portals and big infrastructure: hybrid deployment utilising cloud and on-premise. Fully automated code deployment made the release cycle significantly faster. Project infrastructure utilising container platform concepts, provides a stable, quick and robust deployment platform.

How did a bank unleash digital potential of branches to sell insurance?

Having thousands of conversations with customers every day, the bank knows their concerns and biggest risks. To address those risks, the bank chose to expand its insurance offer to provide comprehensive protection for loan takers.  The bank decided to develop a standalone insurance products portfolio to open up new revenue streams.

One of the main business assumptions was selling insurance through bank’s wide network of branches.  Already having a complex range of banking products in the offer, the sales process needed to be fast and easy both for the customers and for the bank’s sales staff.

How did an insurer digitalize bancassurance and affinity processes?

As Polish life insurance market was in a downward trend throughout recent years, our client decided to follow a growth strategy in the area of P&C insurance. Due to historical engagement in life insurance, successful implementation of the new strategy required adjustment of its IT systems architecture. To reach this goal a decision has been made to simultaneously modernize the core insurance system and implement new platform dedicated to products and distribution processes management.

Technology & market insights

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