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Driven by Responsibility


Driven by Responsibility

At Sollers, we strive to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into our business strategy, everyday operations, and decision-making processes.

We are also committed to having a positive impact by taking action against climate change, prioritizing the well-being of our employees, promoting equal opportunities for all, and conducting our business with the highest standards of honesty and ethics. 


Building a community that gives back 


Sollers is driven by people - this is our motto. Daily work at Sollers is guided by shared values, open communication and safety. We want to give back to the planet and our communities by taking active steps towards a better future for all of us. 


At Sollers, we believe in taking action to protect our environment. We have implemented practices to cut emissions, improve energy efficiency, and to identify and create climate change action. 


We are driven by people and in return we empower our employees to lead educational, environmental and community building initiatives for the greater good. We are a team that values collaboration and celebrates our differences. 

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We are guided by a list of policies and regulations that govern aspects of our corporate responsibility performance.  


Sustainable resource and waste management

Plastic usage is being constantly limited, e.g. by replacing bottled waters with a purifying infrastructure solution. We educate our employees about reducing the use of plastic and food waste as well as introduce environmentally friendly solutions to our offices in all locations.



Environmental Protection Policy Statement

We have issued a document stating our dedication to compliance with laws, conservation of resources, reduction of waste, spreading environmental awareness and conscious purchasing.

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Diversity and inclusion 


We are committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace so we can thrive in a safe and diverse environment. We have implemented actions and documents to ensure that our values are visible. 

Giving back 



Sollers builds a community that wants to help others in need. We engage in charity events and financially support various organizations. We use team-building events to build homes for sheltered animals, provide gardening work for single mothers’ houses or paint walls for inclusive kindergartens and youth centers. We donate food and clothes, run charity marathons and give our used electronic equipment to those in need. 

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It's great to be here




We have received the certification of Great Place to Work Polska. Transparency in cooperation and feedback are some of the most important principles that guide us. It is in those areas that we received the highest marks from Sollers themselves. 

Legal and mental advisory 

To help them overcome life's challenges and hardships, we provide our employees with an Employee Assistance Program. Sollers can contact a legal and financial advisor or psychological specialist for matters both related to professional and personal life. The help offered is confidential and available 24/7 for Sollers in need. 



Knowledge sharing 

We take part in educating the future of the IT and business markets by organizing lectures and workshops at universities in cities where we have offices. Young talents can experience the reality of working at Sollers by visiting us during Open Days and asking for advice regarding their future. We believe that reaching out to students before they enter the industry gives them a better and easier start. 


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We provide transparency of policies and procedures as well as transparency of salaries and positions. Sollers are given a clear career path from the beginning of their journey with us and a transparent set of rules for evaluations and promotions. We promote a culture of feedback, which is not only a catchphrase – it is our reality. 
  We operate with integrity and accountability, including transparent reporting and ethical decision-making. This includes initiatives such as implementing strong corporate governance practices, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards, and regularly communicating with stakeholders.   

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