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Data and finance

In the era of digitalisation, redefining data
and finance is an enabler for improving customer
experience and leveraging company's competitiveness

Data and finance

In the era of digitalisation, redefining data
and finance is an enabler for improving customer
experience and leveraging company's competitiveness


related to
billing systems



we've realised
projects in

Sollers Consulting successfully delivered over 70 projects, related to data, finance and billing topics, for 40 customers in 15 countries.

With consulting and implementation projects for insurance leaders worldwide, we have gained practical and in-depth knowledge. 

From our experience, implementation of good systems for data & finance requires much more than just technology skills. 

We always bring our insurance, data and digital expertise into the project to provide the highest business value. 

Our data and finance capabilities

We deliver end-to-end implementation projects, which include
the scope of finance and data. We help our customers.

look holistically on end-to-end
processes from the business perspective
in order to automate finance activities
and, at the same time, leverage customer

umbrella icon

manage risk of unproper handling
of automated financial transactions

select the right systems and approach
to facilitate automating
multicurrency transactions

develop financial and management
reporting based on systems
we implement or custom solutions


design unstructured data architecture
to drive business flows

transform data and finance
for business innovation

Redefine approach to data in order to maintain competitive advantage

Insurance is a purely virtual product from the sales perspective, so it has the potential for a complete digitalisation and automation. 

As the insurance market has been lagging behind other industries, insurers will need to redefine their approach to

digitalisation and data to reveal the industry's full potential of innovation. 


The data will enable insurers to use AI to enhance customer experience and automate the insurance business processes,

e.g. product offering, risk assessment, tariff calculations, fraud detection, claims handling and payments. 


The following trends will impact the use of data and open new possibilities.



Traditional insurance
activities & products
becoming digitalised
& measured
Introduction of digital
customer contact channels
Increasing integration
of product providers,
services & partners
Growing use
of telemetry & IoT
Emergence of
Leading International Insurer in Japan

Guidewire InsuranceSuite© integrated with Front-End Portals and big infrastructure: hybrid deployment utilising cloud and on-premise.

Fully automated code deployment made the release cycle significantly faster.

Project infrastructure utilising container platform concepts, provides a stable, quick and robust deployment platform.

Digitization and automation of sales, payment and reconciliation processes

One of the largest Polish motor insurers, a part of an international insurance group, launched a 3-years transformation program to automate and centralise operations, accounting and payment activities of 50 branches. As a result Sollers Consulting was asked to design detailed processes, deliver a front-end for agents, and conduct integrations with and modifications in TIA. The sales, service, payment and reconciliation processes were fully automated.

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