Flexible cooperation and broad expertise at your fingertips


Flexible cooperation and broad expertise at your fingertips

Would you like to implement a new solution,
but your company lacks expertise in this area?


Are you looking for specialists ready to support your projects?


Would you like to cooperate with a company
that shares the same time zone and values?


Nearshoring with Sollers could be the answer!


Nearshoring is an optimal solution for insurers willing to broaden their competences

and realise innovative projects while having limited resources within their own company.


For over 20 years


Sollers has been helping in business transformations through access to the best IT and business experts supported by advanced IT infrastructure set up by our specialists. Cooperation in a nearshoring model would allow your company to focus on achieving its own business goals while you leave technological aspects in the hands of experienced professionals. Also, worth mentioning is the remote model of cooperation, resulting in savings from optimisation of expenses and reduction of operating costs.

At Sollers, we offer to support our customers in various fields:

Business Advisory:

  • Scrum experts and Agile coaches
  • Insurance experts
  • UX specialists

Core system implementation and maintenance:

  • GuideWire
  • Fadata
  • TIA

Front-End and Back-End technologies:

  • Java
  • Angular
  • .Net
  • R
  • Python
  • React
cloudy sky


  • Cloud Native Design
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

DevOps yields significant benefits


Shorter Time-to-Market
of changes in IT systems,
thanks to shortened
release cycles

Increased quality
and reliability
of provided IT solutions,
thanks to higher automation

On-demand releases,
allowing for unprecedented
flexibility in management
of IT requirements

Significant time savings,
especially with scarce IT resources,
on configuration
of environments and testing

Accelerate your delivery and maintenance processes with automated environment provisioning and CI/CD processes

Set up agile development environment with our verified tooling and professional team

Change the culture around Software Development and IT Operations to a more collaborative one

Optimise the costs of both production and development infrastructure


Transition to the cloud with the necessary adjustments to your tools and processes

What would be the advantages of your cooperation with Sollers Consulting?

We are customer-centric – by putting together a tailor-made team of specialists we ensure the development of a high-quality solution

We increase competitiveness - using nearshoring services can help with an efficient allocation of IT skills and extending your services portfolio

We ensure efficient project execution – cooperation with Sollers guarantees high flexibility in terms of team skills, experience, and scalability

Benefits of the nearshoring model with Sollers Consulting:

  • Access to the missing competencies and skills
  • Gaining greater agility and flexibility
  • Taking advantage of the Sollers Delivery Model
  • Optimising employment risks and restrictions
  • Avoiding extra employment/unemployment expenses
  • Minimising contracting efforts
  • Scaling and pruning your team on demand
  • Sustaining operational control
  • Delivering results instantly

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