Claims handling

Customer satisfaction and process
effectiveness throughout claims handling

Claims handling

Customer satisfaction and process
effectiveness throughout claims handling


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Sollers Consulting completed 80+ projects for 50+ clients in 15 countries dealing with the implementation, modification or upgrade of claims handling systems. We bring business, insurance and digitalisation expertise to each project, and because we focus on insurance, we constantly improve it to provide our clients with the highest business value.


Our claims handling transformation capabilities


Sollers is focused on supporting its customers in their digital claims transformation within 4 main dimensions:

  • Efficiency - to reduce claims expenses and leakage
  • Effectiveness - to increase claim handling accuracy
  • Customer experience – to improve customer satisfaction
  • Employee experience – to improve employee satisfaction

We help insurers build and sustain strong digital capabilities throughout the whole claims process starting from digital claims prevention,

through analytics-driven automated claims handling, value-added services to customer experience excellence,

enabled by a new digital operating model.


Sollers has over 20 years of experience in leading insurers through transformation challenges toward end-to-end digitalisation

to reimagine the entire customer journey.

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Improving claims handling process in London Market Acting as a system integrator, Sollers Consulting worked for one of the world’s largest P&C insurers, also operating in the London market. The client wanted to switch from legacy claims management system in favour of Guidewire ClaimCenter©, and migrate older claims from the aforementioned system. There were two major challenges associated with the project: working during COVID-19 restrictions, and severely limited – due to the international user base – go-live time. 
How did a leading insurer in Scandinavia assure code quality for a large project? Being in progress of implementing Guidewire Claim Center, a leading Scandinavian insurer wanted to assure that the code produced by software developers was best possible quality. Sollers seemed to be a good fit for a quality assurance expert as we have vast experience in implementing large Guidewire projects and we know how to stay focused on timely delivery without compromising on quality.
Improving claims management capabilities

Our client, a specialist insurer operating on the Lloyd's market in London, with offices in Europe, Asia, and across North America. Sollers implemented ClaimCenter v9 with the goal of improving efficiency of claims handling through more automation and streamlining of several crucial processes. Moreover, a two-way integration with the central Lloyds market repository of claims and documents was established through ECF Writeback. It was the first fully agile project in Client’s organisation and was then put as an exemplary agile application.

Implementation of claims management solution towards process digitization and optimization Transformation of claims management operations in a large insurer after a merger to increase productivity, lower costs and improve customer service, which was enabled by the implementation of new claims management system, redefining claims organisation and processes.
SMART claims handling It’s getting harder to imagine a world without mobile devices. These highly technologically advanced and increasingly expensive tools are very prone to damages. Fortunately, you can insure them. But how does the process work in reality, when a device is damaged? Digital Care together with Sollers Consulting created a platform for the claims handling process, which is an innovative solution, addressing the needs of today’s customers.
Leveraging digital capabilities of a direct insurer Yuzzu, a direct insurance leader in Belgium, part of the AXA group, manages car, home & family insurance for more than 160,000 customers.  Yuzzu decided to invest in a new platform in order to increase operational efficiency required to improve the customer service and sustain business growth. Additionally, Yuzzu wanted to reduce time-to-market and streamline tariff changes.   Guidewire PolicyCenter, BillingCenter and data solutions were part of the platform. Thanks to the agile mindset of the company, the project had been delivered before the initially planned deadline. 

Digitalisation and innovations will drive development of claims handling

A truly digital value proposition, excellent omnichannel experience and digital customer journey are enabled by artificial intelligence, digital claims ecosystem integration and innovative technologies, ranging from the telematics or Internet of Things (IoT) analysis and prediction, through digital points of contact like chatbots, real-time claims processing, picture recognition, natural language processing to automated settlements and subrogation opportunity identification.

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