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Improving claims handling process in London Market
Mar 13, 2024 London Market , Case study , Guidewire implementation


Guidewire ClaimCenter© implementation case study


About customer 

American company operating globally. One of the world’s largest property and casualty insurers. Customer also offers specialty insurance and operates in the London Market.


The goal of the project

The goal of the project was to leverage Guidewire ClaimCenter© the Customer had in place and to use it for London Market claims handling process. Before the project, London Market claims were handled and stored in legacy claims management system, which was outdated and difficult to maintain.

Customers goals were to migrate old claims to Guidewire ClaimCenter© and enable the ECF (Electronic Claims File) Writeback functionality to allow claims handling process run directly from Content Management System (CMS).

The customer’s pains with the CMS used until then were typical of legacy systems. The CMS was written in an old programming language, which caused maintenance and enhancement problems. The quality of claims data in the system was poor due to a lack of proper data validation. The system was not user-friendly and did not support the claims handling process in the required way.

The starting point for our work was to understand AS-IS state and customer’s needs. We mapped business and IT processes and managed to propose a solution that would allow an easy London Market claim handling process with validations and automations.

The Customer had a clear benefit requirement:

  • Create a single platform for London Market Claims
    • Easier task management
    • Increased workforce flexibility
    • Reduced training cost
  • Utilize London Market Integrations
    • Access to claim services 24/7
    • Less data re-keying
  • Simpler IT Architecture
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Simpler Business Intelligence (BI) and Measurement Data Acquisition (MI)
  • Improved claim data quality
    • Claims allocated to the current policies
    • Validations to ensure correct claims are paid

What solution was implemented

We implemented the London Market Extension Pack for the Guidewire ClaimCenter© version 9, including ECF Writeback for Lloyd’s, LIRMA (London International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association) and ILU Bureaus (Institute of London Underwriters). We also integrated Syndicate Claims Messages (SCM) and London Insurance Market Claims Message (LIMCLM) messaging. We provided integration of Guidewire ClaimCenter© with the Policy Administration System, Data Warehouse and the Insurers’ Market Repository (IMR) to enable London Market document ingestion.

An important part of the project was the migration of legacy claims from another system. One of Customer’s objectives was to improve the quality of the data, which was suffering from a lack of business validation. We helped to achieve this by analysing and cleansing old legacy data.


Project challenges

We successfully delivered the project in 10 months, working in 2 streams. Due to COVID restrictions, we ran the project completely remotely.

We had to work with poor quality data from legacy CMS and manually verify many gaps for effective migration.

We had to cooperate and support training for users around the world from different time zones.

We had a tight window of 40 hours for go-live and data migration due to users around the globe. Estimated go-live time was 36 hours, so we had a very intense time.


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