Guidewire® Software


Guidewire® Software



We have established successful partnership with Guidewire
and built a dedicated team for implementation projects.

We have maintained close cooperation with Guidewire Professional Services team since 2011.
We are the biggest Guidewire Partner in Europe.

Sollers and Guidewire® facts
+60 projects

Participated in over 60 implementation

and maintenance projects in large insurance


 25 000 MD in 2019

Invested more than 25 000 MD in 2019

in developing and accumulating knowledge

and experience in Guidewire within

our internal competence.

+440 experts

Formed a team of more than 440
experts with practical experience in
Guidewire configuration and service.


We have over 440 experienced Guidewire® professionals and so far,
we have supported 60 implementation projects.
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Basler Versicherungen Switzerland

We supported one of the biggest Insurance Groups in a Guidewire PolicyCenter® and Guidewire BillingCenter® implementation.

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Zurich Germany

We supported the Configuration and Integration area for Guidewire Policy, 

Claims- & BillingCenter®Now we also provide migration and maintenance.

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Touring Verzekeringen​

We supported a Belgian insurance company

with the quality tests and Infrastructure and

Development Processes for the Guidewire PolicyCenter® 

and BillingCenter® implementation.

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The largest Polish insurer​

Over 50 Sollers were engaged in the implementation of Guidewire PolicyCenter® 

and BillingCenterThis was a major business transformation for the Client.

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Guidewire Clients

Our support toolbox helps in complex Guidewire implementations:

low-code automated
regression testing

live analysis and quality assurance
of GOSU code

stress-testing for Guidewire

product definition in a core system
using visual mapping

export and import of policies with
all related entities between
environments of Guidewire

About Guidewire® and Sollers


Sollers Consulting has established successful partnership with Guidewire what resulted in multiple projects delivered for insurance carriers around the world. This strategic partnership enabled growth of both companies and established very close and friendly relationship.



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