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What does Sollers offer to the financial services sector?

Sollers Consulting supports the financial sector in both business and IT areas. 

The projects we deliver bring significant added value thanks to our business knowledge, global experience 

and technological know-how combined with the efficient process and system solutions. 

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Business Services
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Sollers Check Business Advisory 


Sollers Check is a complex service aimed at verifying areas and key points of financial institutions processes and systems. It generates list of recommendations and tasks to improve selected areas. It covers both the audit of both IT-architecture and -systems as well as business and operational processes.  


Sollers Check begins with workshops to identify key areas for further investigation. Next within three to five weeks, a team consisting of Sollers experts and client’s specialist prepare a report containing detailed performance verification and a list of tasks for areas which require improvements 


Combining our team’s competence and experience with the knowledge of client employees, we can quickly identify non-optimal sales and UX solutions, as well as operational and regulatory processes in order to provide solutions which address them.  


Furthermore, our expert team can assist in the selection of a suitable IT system architecture and technology as well as choosing suitable suppliers. 



Core leasing systems and processes 


We holistically support core leasing system implementations including building systems and processes from scratch. We advise on system selection as well as on designing business processes and supporting billing services. We apply end-to-end solutions including integration with financial systems and the customer’s database. 



Back office productivity optimisation 


Improved back-office organisation allows employees to deliver timely and accurate data. At the same time, costs are cut costs through increasing efficiency thanks to paperless solutions, system integrations or remote identifications.


Sollers navigates you through this process to set up your back office not only in a reliable and coherent way, but alsto keep it flexible. We can help you make your processes more effective and your employees more satisfied. 



Costumer digitalisation – migrating

client to digital channels 


Technological development causes an increasing number of challenges where the established model changes rapidly or a parallel ecosystem appears and connects the traditional model with a virtual one. 


The process of digitalisation should not stop only at the product level. In order to fully utilize the digital potential, companies have to analyse their strategy and, based on that, decide what their operating model should look like and how to reorganize their structures and processes. 


An agile, flexible IT environment lays the grounds for personalized and seamless multi-channel customer experience. The customer journey can be much more effective and satisfying both for financial companies and their clients. Digital technologies allow real-time access to the right and selected information at key moments of consumers' shopping paths and predict their future plans. We can help you interact with the client on daily basis. 



Product agility – improving ability

to launch new products 


We support product teams in accelerating the steps from planning to launch. By making use of Agile methods and custom-built accelerators, you can save time to market. We enable the client’s team to break down initiatives into individual stories to bring alignment, prioritisation and clarity to your product strategy. Putting your customers and their needs at the centre of your workflow enables you to adapt to their requirements more quickly. 

IT Services
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IT-Scrum Team,
IT Integration and support


Our customers can benefit from being supported by an experienced team consisting of IT architects, designerstech leaders, developers, analysts, UX experts and scrum masters. They have successfully applied Scrum, designed IT architecture, implemented IT systems and business processes during projects in many different companies.  


Sollers Consulting can support your business by joining an already existing team within your company or initiating a new scrum team of Sollers experts to lead the project independently. In both scenarios we can provide an individual team size in accordance with the project’s scope. 

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Going to cloud - cloud solutions
and pros of going to cloud


Cloud computing is becoming an important pillar of a successful transformation strategy towards scalable business models and flexibility regarding technologies such as AI and Big Data.  


Sollers Consulting supports financial institutions in developing 

comprehensive strategies for their transition to a cloud-based IT architecture – regardless of whether it is a public-, private- or hybrid cloud solution. 


Together with our leading cloud solution Partners like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Chmura Krajowa (domestic cloud), Sollers Consulting has proven experience in creating and implementing comprehensive cloud strategies which enable our clients to achieve their corporate objectives. 


Front and back office
system modernization


Our experts have proven experience in designing and implementing customized front and back office system and application solutions. We assist clients in modernising online and mobile channels with 

strong focus on optimal UI/UX solutions.


We help you develop user friendly and efficient internal systems and assure complex system integrations. We consult in data quality management and support of MDM-Class tools implementation (i.a. IBM MDM Server, Talend MDM) to improve the performance of your Back-Office. 

Our customers


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