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Digital Bancassurance Software

We help financial institutions transform their bancassurance business to increase sales, improve customer experience and quickly adapt to market changes.

Time to market reduction by up to 90%

for clients who implemented RIFE


Unlock bancassurance potential with RIFE

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Adapt to changes fast and at low cost
  • With RIFE you can decrease product development cost up to 90%;
  • Avoid problems caused by regulations by swiftly adopting your products with RIFE;
  • Meet changing expectations of your clients and become ready for customer-centric approach of selling insurance.​
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Become independent from core banking operations​
  • Manage services in one place in a low-code development platform;
  • With RIFE you are less reliant on Third Party Administrators;
  • RIFE is inline with banks technology stack, which ensures easy maintanance and safety of your data.



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Automate your workflow and reduce costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and conversion rate by automatically presenting them personalized offers;
  • Send selected reports to insurer automatically;
  • Spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus on your strategy.
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Expand your revenue sources and reach new clients
  • Explore new sales channels thanks to short development and release cycles;
  • Support omnichannel customer journey;
  • Better understand touchpoints customers have with your business.

Reasons to choose RIFE as a Bancassurance software

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Having been in the market for over 20 years, at Sollers Consulting we understand insurance and insurance logic
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RIFE is fit-for-purpose IT solution providing best-in-class insurance systems functionalities, tailored to bancassurance needs
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The implementation is carried out by a dedicated team of specialists, working only for you, with in-depth knowledge and expierience in insurance sector

In RIFE, insurance logic is centralized in one system which enables:

  • easy and quick configuration of products, tariffs and processes tailored to the needs of bancassurance and insurance sales channels in banks
  • all the handling processes required for insurance services in banks
  • modern and quickly configurable API allowing you to quickly start selling with any front-end
In RIFE, insurance logic is centralized in one system which enables
  • demands and needs analysis in line with the latest regulations and product recommendations based on customer information
  • user-friendly screen configuration
  • easy integration with other systems in the bank
  • solution in line with compliance requirements
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See how RIFE helped our clients

How did a bank unleash digital potential of branches to sell insurance?

Having thousands of conversations with customers every day, the bank knows their concerns and biggest risks. To address those risks, the bank chose to expand its insurance offer to provide comprehensive protection for loan takers.  The bank decided to develop a standalone insurance products portfolio to open up new revenue streams. 

One of the main business assumptions was selling insurance through bank’s wide network of branches.  Already having a complex range of banking products in the offer, the sales process needed to be fast and easy both for the customers and for the bank’s sales staff. 

How did an insurer digitalize bancassurance and affinity processes?

As Polish life insurance market was in a downward trend throughout recent years, our client decided to follow a growth strategy in the area of P&C insurance. Due to historical engagement in life insurance, successful implementation of the new strategy required adjustment of its IT systems architecture. To reach this goal a decision has been made to simultaneously modernize the core insurance system and implement new platform dedicated to products and distribution processes management.

More flexibility in the insurance business The bank's insurance logic was spread across several systems, resulting in a long response time to market changes. In the light of the “Provisionsdeckel” – a German regulation that will put a cap on commissions – the bank decided that its insurance logic needed a deep overhaul. One of the main business assumptions was the sale of insurance through the bank's extensive branch network. With an already complex range of banking products, the sales process had to be quick and simple, both for customers and for the bank's sales staff.
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