Digital Omnichannel Platform 

Digital Omnichannel Platform 


the best-in-class omnichannel digital platform for insurance and bancassurance

which allows creation of seamless personalised journeys.

RIFE is a ready to-go solution

that breaks the IT barrier which prevents you from reaching your full digital potential.
It is designed to centralise all your digital business logic in a fast paced
and highly configurable software that allows your customers to:

PointQuote and buy an insurance product
PointRegister a claim
PointModify or renew a policy
PointBuy multiple products within one sales process (x-sell)

Integrate different channels
and touchpoints to deliver
a seamless customer journey

Customer Journey
RIFE enables it by memorising the customer journey through an insurance purchase process (using different touchpoints).
Customer experience

The data for any transaction, once submitted, follows the journey

and creates superior customer experience.

Support Channel

RIFE is ready to support any channel available in your

distribution mix

Digital ecosystem

If you decide to enter a new digital ecosystem, just use our API

and integrate within one day.


Run and modify your
insurance products in weeks

Easy reuse of insurance focused components makes product

enablement fast and low code. We follow up-to-date UX standards

and best practices to deliver excellent design and usability,

customised to your specific requirements. 



With RIFE you can use a variety of predefined layouts, widgets,

validations and functions. Once you have your product ready,

set it up in no time with your business partners or ecosystems. 


Personalise the sales
experience to maximise
revenue and customer

RIFE lets you create tailored offers based on customer characteristics,

automatically differentiating presented variants to different customers.

Take your cross-sell capabilities to the next level and allow

a recommendation engine to automatically suggest different purchase

options based on defined criteria.



Employ machine learning to consume you company’s
analytical potential.


Incubate and roll-out

RIFE may also store policy data on its own and transfer
it to your core system any time you want. Therefore, you do not need
to wait for core systems development and can start A/B testing your
products and business concepts right away.



RIFE smoothly integrates with several core systems but can be
successfully integrated with any custom core system.

Summary of other functionalities

RIFE is insurance ready, already covering a majority of requirements such as a multilanguage and multicurrency configuration, time zones management, GDPR compliance, documents generation, reporting and much more…

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How did a bank unleash digital potential of branches to sell insurance?

Having thousands of conversations with customers every day, the bank knows their concerns and biggest risks. To address those risks, the bank chose to expand its insurance offer to provide comprehensive protection for loan takers.  The bank decided to develop a standalone insurance products portfolio to open up new revenue streams. 

One of the main business assumptions was selling insurance through bank’s wide network of branches.  Already having a complex range of banking products in the offer, the sales process needed to be fast and easy both for the customers and for the bank’s sales staff. 

How did an insurer digitalize bancassurance and affinity processes?

As Polish life insurance market was in a downward trend throughout recent years, our client decided to follow a growth strategy in the area of P&C insurance. Due to historical engagement in life insurance, successful implementation of the new strategy required adjustment of its IT systems architecture. To reach this goal a decision has been made to simultaneously modernize the core insurance system and implement new platform dedicated to products and distribution processes management.

More flexibility in the insurance business The bank's insurance logic was spread across several systems, resulting in a long response time to market changes. In the light of the “Provisionsdeckel” – a German regulation that will put a cap on commissions – the bank decided that its insurance logic needed a deep overhaul. One of the main business assumptions was the sale of insurance through the bank's extensive branch network. With an already complex range of banking products, the sales process had to be quick and simple, both for customers and for the bank's sales staff.

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