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Leading British Insurer
Sollers , Case study , Agile, DevOps, Transformation

About Customer

Our customer is a part of a large Global Insurance group and one of the largest UK insurance companies with over 15 million customers in the UK alone. As a composite insurer it offers a wide range of insurance products to both commercial and individual customers.

What was the goal of the project

For our customer, the main driver for starting the transformation Programme was becoming a number 1 Insurer in the UK, achieving greater commercial reach and improving their excellence in key processes. To achieve that the customer decided to become Digital First by creating a simplified, digitally enabled technology estate in place of multiple legacy systems.

What services were delivered

Sollers partnered with the insurer to support the ongoing transformation Programme with key talent in areas such as Guidewire, DevOps, Business Analysis and Agile.

Our experts joined the client onsite in the UK or worked from Poland to support various areas of the Programme, augmenting Product, Claims, DevOps and MI Teams in various roles as Business Analysts, Developers, Tech Leads, DevOps Engineers and Scrum Masters. The Team of over 30 Sollers professionals shared their experience and brought good practices from previous digital transformation projects to the Programme.

We have supported the Client throughout multiple releases in the entire software development process, from gathering the business requirements, through defining the user stories, customising and integrating multiple solutions with the Guidewire ClaimCenter and Policy Center, to creating test plans and improving the continuous integration processes.

DevOps driven

As a part of the project, we assisted in the infrastructure migration to the AWS cloud, which greatly facilitated and accelerated the process of creating new test environments and the development process. In the long-term perspective, it also reduced maintenance costs by scaling the infrastructure in the cloud according to the current needs of the client.

AWS, Jenkins, code repository, libraries and artifacts repository, Jenkins, Sonar, Selenium are the basic technologies that we configured and developed every day as part of the project.

We used popular Terraform and Ansible tools to create infrastructure in the cloud and to create and configure new environments – this significantly reduced the time needed to prepare ad-hoc environments.

The pipelines we prepared included the full process of software development – unit tests, building a package with the new version of the application, automatic deployments on on-demand environments and, at the end, Selenium automatic tests allowed us to significantly facilitate the work of developers and automate the entire process, which finally led to regular, properly tested production releases.

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