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How did a leading insurer in Scandinavia assure code quality for a large project?
Sollers , Case study , Digital, Innovations

About Customer

The Insurer is the second largest supplier in the Nordic market for general insurance.


What was the goal of the project

From the very beginning it was clear that our cooperation will be successful as the Insurer and Sollers have a lot in common. We were determined to prove that we can become a trusted digitalisation partner.

Being in progress of implementing Guidewire Claim Center, the Insurer wanted to assure that the code produced by software developers was best possible quality. Sollers seemed to be a good fit for a quality assurance expert as we have vast experience in implementing large Guidewire projects and we know how to stay focused on timely delivery without compromising on quality. 

The goal of the project was to conduct a code audit in Guidewire Claim Center which is currently being implemented by the Insurer. Audit consisted of two main areas:

  1. automated code review by GoQu – a tool developed internally by Sollers Consulting designed for automated code analysis of Guidewire centers
  2. expert code review of selected Claim Center functionalities by experienced GW Architect from Sollers.


What was the result of the project?

For our client, we have managed to deliver a thorough code quality audit with all conclusions and recommendations presented in a comprehensive report that consisted, among others, of:

  • overview of number of code errors, their type, severity and tech debt,
  • comparison of collected metrics to insurance market average,
  • level of customization and OOTB modification,
  • checking code quality changes over time, defining a trend and code quality forecast in upcoming project phases,
  • indicating suboptimal technical solutions and bad coding practices,
  • recommendations on how to best exploit the OOTB solution and how to improve code review and code quality in result.

Sollers recommendations included in this report were the basis for implementing correction actions by the Insurer in the project.

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