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Software Quality Assurance

Finding the balance
between breadth and depth of testing

Software Quality Assurance

Finding the balance
between breadth and depth of testing

Software quality assurance has become a crucial challenge for the insurance industry

IT departments in the insurance industry typically operate within complex organisational structures. On top of that they have many integration points to consider.

When you are dealing with several business units and companies and combine it with many vendors and systems, it might be difficult to maintain quality and flexibility. As speed of innovation in the insurance industry increases, software quality assurance has become critical. Many insurers struggle to find capacity and skills in software test management to achieve the right balance between breadth and depth of testing.

How Sollers can help to assure the quality of software

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We advise how to attain short

time-to-market without losing high quality of software

We build an end-to-end test strategy

and support software test management

We assess the quality

of software testing processes

We automate the testing process


We coordinate end-to-end testing,

which involves internal and off-shored teams

We monitor the performance of software

What we do

That is why we worked out a unique approach aimed at selecting vendor who is the best match for real business needs 

of our clientsHere is how it works:

Understand the strategy
Understand the strategy

We start by understanding our client’s business strategy. Often our business advisory team helps the client to (re)formulate business problems and goals to get the most from potential system capabilities. At this stage we are getting familiar with the culture of organisation as well. 

Conduct a tactical business process
Conduct a tactical

With this landscape ready we conduct tactical business process 

optimisation and prepare IT architecture review to define an ideal world situation” and put it in the context of other systems that will affect the future migration. 

Ideal world situation requirements
Ideal world situation requirements

We prepare requirements reflecting the 

ideal world situation” and prioritise them based on the business value and feasibility.

Request a Proposal
Request a Proposal

Then it is time for preparation of the Request for Proposal 

procedure and documentation (incl. RFP, draft Contract). 

Initiate and coordinate
the selection
Initiate and coordinate the selection process
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Selection process
Selection process closing

Finally, we help in the selection process closing. We assist or carry-out contract negotiations and prepare 

the final version for signing.  


Tools for test automation and code quality


Sollers Consulting has helped many insurers to overcome their issues with software quality assurance. Sollers experts rely on a methodology and a set of templates that have proven their efficiency in many projects. Successful software test management should cover all integrations and touch points, including all systems, all critical and supporting transactions and all user types.

Based on its experience Sollers Consulting has created test automation tools and quality assurance tools that secure high code quality, improve bug prevention and reduce costs

Our products:


(Business Automation Testing Suite)



Find out more about

BATS and GoQu




Why insurers choose Sollers?  


Insurance companies appreciate our software quality assurance team as it ensures a deep industry-related processes understanding, knowledge transfer and helps to maintain high quality standards. Here is what our customers say about us. 



Our exemplary services:


Insurance companies lose millions of euros annually due to software related business interruptions


Our exemplary services: 


  • Quality assurance advisory
  • End-to-end test strategy
  • Test automation & management
  • Performance testing
  • Data masking solutions
  • Solutions for integration testing
  • Software quality processes assessment

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