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Implementation of claims management solution towards process digitalisation and optimisation
Sollers , Case study , Digital, Innovations

About Customer

Our customer is an international financial group focused on insurance business. Originated and headquartered in Germany with operations in various countries worldwide. Placed in the top three of the largest insurers in Poland in both, life and non-life segment, with over 3 million customers, more than 16,000 cooperating agents and settling more than 370 thousand claims per year.


What was the goal of the project

Claims management optimisation was one of the strategic goals for the company, perceived as one of the key drivers allowing to maintain current client portfolio and achieving further sales growth in the business. The organisation had been preparing for the initiative and working on the direction for two years prior to the actual implementation. During that time, the decision about introducing OOTB solution over the custom implementation based on BPMS engine was made. Just before project was launched a merger with another major insurer on the Polish market had been announced. Both companies were among the top ten insurers on the non-life insurance market at that time. In the end the company faced three major challenges at the same time: merger of the two organisations, unification of the IT solutions portfolio to have a single architecture, transforming claims handling operations.

The implementation project itself was launched as initially planned with the goal of optimising claims handling processes through:

  • Increase of the efficiency of the processes and operations
  • Decrease of leakage
  • Improvement of customer communication and service quality
  • Integration with other systems components and automation.

The project approach reflected very much the intention to launch first version of the new solution as quickly as possible to allow decommissioning of some legacy solutions and in the same time creating single claims platform for the new organization after the merger.


What solution was implemented

After careful evaluation of potential solutions on the market, Sollers partnered with Guidewire to implement ClaimCenter as the new claims handling platform for the customer.

It was the first implementation of this solution in this part of Europe at that time. For the customer it meant also embracing a completely new way of working with the first agile implementation in an organisation experienced with a well-established waterfall methodology and moving to work in an international environment.

Having the unique domain experience in insurance with the core systems implementation expertise, Sollers team was able to lead the transformation successfully and to deliver the project according to the defined timeline. It made it possible to launch the following releases for the implementation on time aiming for further benefits of additional system integrations and automations. At the same time, the knowledge transfer activities were conducted, and insurer’s internal team capabilities were built so that further system adjustments and maintenance could mainly be executed by an internal team.

As a result, a new claims handling platform was successfully launched within 8 months counting from the Inception phase to Go-live.


Fast and profitable implementation

  1. 8 months to go-live which made it possible to minimize the costs of maintenance of legacy solutions.

  2. Doubling the average number of claims processed per month/per claims adjuster.

  3. Enabling a fast launch of other initiatives aiming at further process improvements, automations, integrations with partners and other innovative market solutions.

  4. Changing decentralised, paper-claims-file-based organisation to a task-driven and agile one.

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