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Building a new insurance startup in Poland
Sollers , Case study , Digital, Innovations

About Customer

Our client is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world with a very strong position in France. It operates in 10+ countries. They have all insurance business lines – P&C, Life, Health and Bancassurance products. Their mission is to support customers at every key moment in their lives, thanks to highly specialised expertise and know-how.


What was the goal of the project

The insurer decided to open a new P&C insurance company in Poland. They needed to create a team of insurance experts, implement a core system, configure products, design and implement all needed insurance processes, and create a sales application. The first idea was to have a direct sales channel only. But close to go-live the insurer changed their mind – first we had to create the agent sales channel and a dedicated agent platform. Then they would go to a direct channel.

They wanted to do it as quickly as possible – to have the first product in the “friends and family” phase in 6-7 months. “Friends and family” phase was the period during which policies were sold in a closed customer group – for example, the first policy was issued to a Sollers PM. The project had to be conducted in an Agile methodology.

As it was a start-up, the team had to be very flexible in the process and solution creation. At the same time, the key was to find an effective approach while optimising the effort.


What solution was implemented

Sollers experts partnered with the insurer’s team for an INSIS core system implementation. As one team we created a whole infrastructure, environments, and development process with the support of CI/CD tools.

We customised the core system to maintain customer expectations – especially with the Polish country layer customisation.

We also took part in the insurance process design, which was a challenging experience as we designed an almost paperless agent sale process with a 10-day payable commission period.

We helped the client to create a custom sales frontend, which was used both in direct and agent sales channels. The frontend was fully RWD and UX optimised. It was connected online through Webservices (both out-of-the-box and custom implemented) to the INSIS core system – so every quotation and policy was directly saved in the core system. We also have a multi-quotation that shows customer price for multi-package and additional risk in product.

We implemented DMS, which stored all outgoing and incoming communications such as email, printouts, SMS and etc.


Fast and profitable implementation

What is worth emphasising, it was one of the fastest INSIS implementations in the world. Within 5 months we trained the team, the core system was installed and working, the first product was configured, and the agent frontend was ready to use. After another 2 months – we had a direct frontend. After another 3-months –we had a second product in production.

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