Fadata INSIS platform implementations
and partnership

Fadata INSIS platform implementations
and partnership


We have established a successful partnership with Fadata® in 2011
and built a dedicated team for implementation projects.

We have maintained close cooperation with Fadata team since 2011.​



Sollers and Fadata® facts
10 projects

Participated in 10 implementation
and maintenance projects in big insurance

900 MD in 2018

Invested more than 900 MD in 2018 on
developing and gaining knowledge
and experience in Fadata within our
internal competence.

+40 experts

Formed a team of more than 40 experts
with practical experience in Fadata
configuration and service.


We have over 40 experienced Fadata® professionals and we have supported
5 implementation and maintenance projects.
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INSIS v10 implementation with RWD and UX direct sales, call centre and agent front-ends for all P&C products and claim system for P&C and Life products, building a document generation and sending module, integration with the DMS system, integration with the general ledger (with full Solvency support). Migration of existing policies portfolio from the old core system.​ 

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INSIS v10 life implementation. Integration with 3rd party agent front-end, integration with CRM and the DMS system, building a document generation and sending module, integration with the general ledger and 3rd party commission system.  Migration of existing policies portfolio from the old core system.​ 

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INSIS v10 implementation in cooperation with Fadata. Starting from Motor product configuration. Integration with an external financial system. Manual migration of data to INSIS from the previous system.​ 

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INSIS v10 support (health) in cooperation with Fadata. Optimising processes (Claims), configuring new products, performing major version upgrade. 

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Who is Fadata?

From its origins in 1990, Fadata Group has evolved to become a major provider of software solutions to insurers across four regions. Over 60 insurer businesses across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America now use our solutions, including our process platform, INSIS, recognised by analysts at Gartner and Celent as a leading industry platform.

Cost and productivity
Process remodelling
and workflows
Customer Service
Business Optimization

Partnership Goals:


  • Dedicated IT/Business teams to enable maximising customer satisfaction from implementations
  • Building internal expertise
  • Sollers Builds Products and addons to enhance value brought by FADATA's INSIS System
Summary of our technologies

We master the technologies used by FADATA in implementation of INSIS.

Oracle PL/SQL
Programming Language
Oracle ADF
Front-End Framework
Oracle DB v.12
Database Engine

If you are interested in INSIS capabilities, please contact us to schedule a demo.

Leading Polish PC Insurer (INSIS) INSIS PC with custom Front-End Over 10 environments plus Production, all on on-premise. Fully automated code deployment with QA process made the release cycle significantly faster.
Building a new insurance startup in Poland A large worldwide insurance group decided to open a new insurance start up in Poland. They wanted to go-live in 5-6 months and initially planned to target a direct channel. Due to the change of business goals the team had to adapt to deliver the agent channel first. However, the team needed to think about a complete solution and optimising the implementation effort.

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