Nearshoring is a notion describing a transfer of business and IT processes of a company to a country located nearby. Sollers Consulting is one of the most versatile nearshoring suppliers in Europe. At the same time it has a proven track record in the financial sector.

Strong partnership with internationally renowned system suppliers like Guidewire and the internal Software Factory allow us to successfully deliver comprehensive support and solutions to our clients. In the circle of our close cooperation partners there are such internationally acclaimed companies like e.g. Moody’s Analytics, Microsoft and Oracle.

Nearshoring offers many great advantages to IT projects. It is relatively easy to coordinate the work of a team engaged in the project at the customer location as well as those working remotely from the Sollers Consulting offices due to the following factors:

– The same time zone
– Short flight time (approximately 1,5 hours)
– Similar working culture

Thanks to our experience with over 60 finance groups – banks and insurance companies including the likes of Talanx , Raiffeisen, Inter, Millennium, Aviva, Generali  – we are able to ensure top quality of our nearshoring services. The majority of projects require coordination in rapidly changing environment of many teams on several levels and in different situations.

The IT Team of Sollers Consulting has been developing solutions for our clients for more than 10 years. Thanks to methods we apply at work we can assure successful delivery of required functionalities as well as high quality of programming.

Our internal software development process ensures that our developers prepare transparent and consistent source code of high quality.

Parts of code from every developer are automatically compiled, assessed, installed and tested in the integration environment. Thus it is possible to evaluate progress in every project phase and provide developers with feedback on quality of their work.

We employ the most up-to-date, reliable technologies and frameworks. Our IT Architects are constantly in pursuit of new solutions, always trying to provide the most optimal IT support of the business processes.