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Insurance in the Cloud

How to maximise the benefits of your transformation?  


Sollers Consulting Webinar

Insurance in the Cloud

How to maximise the benefits of your transformation?  


Sollers Consulting Webinar

Time: 6th October, 11.00 am - 11.45 am CET

Place: At your office or at home



More and more insurers are moving to the cloud. In Western Europe, 75% of insurers are already planning their cloud journey. As advancements in InsurTech are being developed for cloud infrastructures, it is now apparent that it has become an industry standard.


Across most of our strategic markets, we can observe that the insurance industry is lagging behind in terms of cloud adoption. Insurers should, however, bear in mind that the longer they wait to make this transition the more expensive and complicated it becomes. Insurers need to act soon to adopt new technologies and develop the internal know-how to be able to operate in the cloud.


In our upcoming Webinar "Insurance in the Cloud - How to maximise the benefits of your transformation?", Korneliusz Frączek and Dominik Kamiński will elaborate on what factors to consider when building your Cloud strategy, how to maximise the benefits and avoid unnecessary losses.


Join the webinar to:

  • Get a better understanding of Cloud with our step-by-step explanation of the Cloud journey
  • See how to validate a business case for the transformation
  • Find out how to maximise the benefits and minimise operational costs
  • Discover principles, rules, and tools in order to use the full potential of Cloud
If you are interested in this topic please register below:






If you would like to participate, please register below: 


*The Webinar is dedicated to companies from the financial sector and is available after internal verification.



  • Journey to the Cloud - Overview  
  • Validate your business case 
  • Leverage your journey with Cloud-nativity  
  • Q&A session 
cloudy sky

Tomasz Miecielica, Senior Consultant at Sollers Consulting. Tomasz worked in the banking industry for seven years. Since 2016 he has supported various insurers in Poland, Belgium and Japan. Currently he supports the implementation advisory of Sollers projects in Japan, Germany and many other countries.

Our Speakers:

Korneliusz Frączek




Senior Consultant at Sollers Consulting

Korneliusz is a huge enthusiast of new technologies and of the world of finance. He is passionate about both technical solutions and the process of their implementation.

Korneliusz has been working in various roles – as a developer, analyst, but also as a business consultant. He helped to implement agile methodologies and supervised the delivery, both as a team member and a project manager.

Over the last few years, he has supported customers in Belgium, Denmark, France, and Spain in their journey to operational excellence.

Currently he is responsible for the delivery of Cloud services to entities operating on the Insurance market.


Dominik Kamiński


IT Designer at Sollers Consulting

Dominik is an IT Designer and expert in Cloud Computing at Sollers Consulting.

He has a vast experience, serving various IT roles throughout his career - from a software engineer, development team leader to solutions architect and Java area manager. He has been working on serving customers in the best possible way and assuring the company’s internal growth.

Dominik specialises in cloud solutions and advisory, including the cloud-native design, systems integrations, achieving cloud readiness and supporting the migration of the IT infrastructure to the Cloud.

Recently he has been supporting clients from the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

In case of questions please contact us:

[email protected]