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8th Winetasting with Sollers Consulting: International know-how for the Polish market
Oct 18, 2017 Sollers , Event , Sollers News

Sollers Consulting welcomed 200 representatives of the Polish Financial Industry at the Belvedere in Warsaw £azienki park

The international presence of the Polish consultancy Sollers Consulting was one of the main talking points at the Winetasting yesterday at Belvedere in Warsaw £azienki park. 200 high-ranking representatives of the Polish financial industry joined the traditional winetasting of Sollers Consulting.

The event was a chance for Sollers Consulting to share with its customers and partners the latest news about the company’s activities, especially expanding of its operations into Germany, UK and Scandinavia. Sollers Consulting has become an international company also in terms of its 450 employees, who now hail from 15 nations. “Our focus is on three strategic regions: Poland, the German speaking countries and the UK. We are also strengthening our presence in the Nordics”, said yesterday Micha³ Trochimczuk, Managing Partner of Sollers Consulting.

The home market continues to be the focus of the company, stressed Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner of Sollers Consulting. “Poland is and will always remain our strategic market”, said Pluta. When Sollers Consulting went abroad on its first projects it was exporting knowledge from the Polish market. “Now we are increasing our knowledge on international projects and are completing the circle by bringing back knowledge to Poland”, said Pluta.

Sollers Consulting has supported among others Axa, Aviva and ING Bank Slaski this year. The consultancy has implemented the Responsive Insurance Front-End (RIFE) which gives insurers easy access to all forms of digital product offerings. At Nationale Nederlanden it took only six months to make RIFE work. “Today, building customer portals requires a lot of development and takes time”, Pluta said. “RIFE is addressing that complexity, enabling insurers to configure products in a few days.”

Sollers Consulting has also been developing the rating engine Jetriff. Jetriff is focusing on super-performance requirements. It enables insurers to give a quote in an extremely short time. “Jetriff can compute over 1 000 complex premium computations in less than a second which is 100 times faster than what we have seen”, said Pluta. “It is like decreasing the travel time from Warsaw to Cologne from 2 hours to 1,5 minutes.”

The annual event was also an opportunity to introduce Grzegorz Podleœny, Sollers Consulting Senior Manager for Polish and British Insurance Markets, in his new role as company Partner. “Grzegorz joined Sollers Consulting almost 15 years ago and most of you know him well from our most important projects in the Polish market,” Micha³ Trochimczuk reminded the guests. “He has also been the main driving force in our recent expansion into the UK market.”

Main focus of Sollers Consulting in all countries is the implementation of core systems. Sollers Consulting has the biggest Guidewire (USA) team in Europe. “Every third Guidewire certified professional in Europe is working at Sollers”, Pluta said yesterday. Additionally, Sollers Consulting has the second biggest implementation teams for the system providers Fadata (UK) and TIA (Denmark). Sollers Consulting is among the few companies which can give advice on choosing insurance core systems. On December 4th at the Innovation in Insurance conference in Warsaw, the company will discuss what should be considered choosing a new core system. Several customers will join to present their own experiences, whereas top executives from Fadata, Guidewire and TIA will debate which system brings most business value to their insurance customers.