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A small step for Automation but a big step for the Industry – A Warta Story
May 09, 2021 Event, Innovation in Insurance 2021, Process Automation, Sollers , Video , Sollers

Automation is now. That was the main theme of “Small step of automation but a big step for the Industry” presentation.  Automation is one of the most significant things that is changing the world – it is happening everywhere, in every branch not only in manufacturing.

There are a lot of examples all around the globe where automation provide a lot of added value. But as was stated during the presentation companies cannot forget about people, who are the most important part of every process in every company.

Even if you missed our conference, you can still watch the recording of session online .

In order to get the access to the recording, please visit conference website: innovation.sollers.eu

*The conference is dedicated to professionals from the financial sector and is available after internal verification.

Key takeaways:

  • Automation is happening now. Do not put it off!
  • Define the path to automation. It is advisable to start small and validate the results before moving forward.
  • You need to find the right starting point.
  • Simple claims can be a good starting point because of their high automation potential.