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Cloud adoption – How to do it the right way?
May 09, 2021 Cloud, Event, Innovation in Insurance 2021, Sollers , Video , Sollers

Together with Radosław Zegadło, the Software Development Director at Digital Care, Sollers Cloud Team, consisting of Korneliusz Frączek and Dominik Kamiński, has presented how significant Cloud Computing will be for the Insurance Industry. 

Digital Care’s unique success story has proven how the access to easily-scaling Cloud ecosystems can increase the rapid growth of a company and its geographical expansion. 

Even if you missed our conference, you can still watch the recording of session online .

In order to get the access to the recording, please visit conference website: innovation.sollers.eu

*The conference is dedicated to professionals from the financial sector and is available after internal verification.


  • Cloud computing enables continuous growth and rapid expansion
  • Insurers do not need to go all-in from the start
  • Even starting with lift & shift generates multiple benefits

Cloud session preview