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What does Sollers internal coaching look like?
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The goal of coaching is to guide vision, urge excellence, and empower the one being coached through establishing a firmer connection with his or her inner authority” – Sollers Consulting

With our internal coaching system, we developed a unique approach to help every single employee to set and achieve goals and by consequence establish a firmer connection with his or her inner authority.
The Coaches will accompany their Coachees throughout their professional career at Sollers Consulting. From the first days at Sollers, the Coach will stand by the Coachee and support him with advice and action.

A Coach at Sollers Consulting is a well experienced employee who will:

  • Talk and listen to the Coachee
  • Determine the goals and trainings together with the Coachee
  • Share Feedback from the project and team members, during regular Coaching – Meetings
  • Help to cope with difficulties
  • Encourage the Coachee to grow not only professionally but also personally


Coaching Timeline

Insights from a Coaching Lunch
These lunches are the ideal moment to set your career goals. There is nothing more inspiring than meeting together and having an honest chat with your coach over good food – does not matter if it is online or a face-to-face catch up!


What Aleksandra Neczaj, Business Analyst at Sollers, says about her Coach

Aleksandra Neczaj

„When I joined Sollers Consulting 7 months ago, I was very excited
but also a little scared – it was my first full-time job after graduation
and first experience in IT. During the first 3 days of onboarding I met
a lot of great people and one of them was my coach! She was very
supportive and helpful during my first 6 months at the company,
asking if everything was going well, helping me to understand how
Sollers works and its culture. She was also regularly collecting feedback
from my project team and passing it on to me. It helped me understand
what I was doing right as well as the areas where I could improve. Now
that my onboarding is finished, my coach is helping me to set goals that
will guide me in my career path.”


Do you have further questions about our internal coaching program?
Then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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