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Keynote speech by Michał Trochimczuk at Innovation in Insurance
May 08, 2021 Event, Innovation in Insurance 2021, Sollers , Video , Sollers

In his 2021 Keynote, Michał Trochimczuk, Managing Partner at Sollers Consulting pointed out that in era of digitalization, insurer might be easily replaced by other one. Risk of becoming marginalized due to many white-label products available on the market is continuously increasing.  

Even if you missed our conference, you can still watch the recording of session online.

In order to get the access to the recording, please visit conference website: innovation.sollers.eu

*The conference is dedicated to professionals from the financial sector and is available after internal verification.

Key takeways:

  • Data from connected devices will make it easi-er for insurers to play an active role in shaping customer health
  • Cyber-attacks have generated an insurance market for cyber solutions, but insurers must remain cautious, to avoid becoming victims of ransomware attacks themselves
  • Insurers wrongly assume that the main purpose of cloud implementation is to reduce business costs
  • The gap between supply and demand for skilled IT professionals is growing every year