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Nationale-Nederlanden invests in technological innovation supporting the development of Bancassurance
Mar 16, 2017 NN, RIFE, TIA , Article , Implementation, Insurance

Nationale-Nederlanden, in cooperation with Sollers Consulting has implemented a modern and innovative solution that will be used in its strategic Bancassurance sales channel. TIA and RIFE provide completely new possibilities of collaboration with banks and other partners in the distribution of insurance products.

Bancassurance is an important part of our strategy. Having this channel in mind, we have invested in modern IT platform and suite of products. These upgrades allow our cooperation with partner institutions to be faster, more flexible and what’s more, they will provide customers with quality service at the highest level. Provided solutions will allow us to better meet the requirements for the sale of insurance policies, offered both in cooperation with banks, as well as independently through our own distribution network. – says Micha³ Hucał, Member of the Board of Nationale-Nederlanden.

Technology platforms including TIA and RIFE, implemented at Nationale-Nederlanden, allow quick adaptation to the specific expectations of the partner (eg. Bank) and support the sale of insurance as a standalone product.

Sales portal RIFE and the TIA core system are used when offering insurance products such as life and health. In the future, policies will also cover property. Responsive Integrable Front End (RIFE) is a modern and comprehensive tool for insurance sales. It provides quick and flexible implementation of new products and allows adaptation to the specific needs of the company. Implementing RIFE and TIA in Nationale-Nederlanden took half a year.

This is another successful implementation conducted by Sollers Consulting in the Polish market. It is also the first project to go live with RIFE. Fast completion was made possible by the fact that we went to Nationale-Nederlanden, not only with the knowledge of the implementation of IT solutions, but also with the knowledge of the bancassurance market – says Piotr Pastuszka, Manager at Sollers Consulting. – We were able to make quick decisions about how Banca platform should be configured in order to precisely meet the needs and specifications of the Bancassurance market.

The platform is designed to operate in all the traditional distribution channels of Nationale-Nederlanden. “The InsurTech and Bancassurance markets are very important areas for us. In parallel, we focus on the development of our own network of representatives, therefore we provide modern IT solutions that equip our staff members with new technologies and help to offer our existing and future customers of Nationale-Nederlanden services of the highest quality. “– Adds Anna Grzelońska, Member of the Board of Nationale-Nederlanden.