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Remote Work – Part 1: Where do I start?
Mar 17, 2020 Agile, focus, remote work, Sollers , Article , Digital
By Emil Bojar

Our Lead Consultant, Emil Bojar, together with our R&D Lab prepared a very useful remote working guide which is based on years of experience in working remotely on projects with our customers. 

Let’s hope this will make our remote work easier and more efficient.

Around the world people are being forced to accept a change in how we work and live. In order to fight the COVID-19, we are staying home and working from home more than ever before. For some industries and even established organisations this still is an uncharted territory, they need to adapt to quickly.

Facing similar concerns as part of R&D Lab of Sollers Consulting, we changed how we work using good practices from years of working remotely with our customers. As an IT company we have the luxury to be able to perform a lot of our jobs from behind the screens of our PCs, home office is an typical benefit. As a consulting company we travel a lot and work in various locations like customer offices, hotels or airports, often in less than ideal conditions.

In this short series of articles we will cover various aspects of remote work starting with what you can do to personally improve your home office experience. […]

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