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Sollers is driving the digital future of the insurance industry
Sep 10, 2017 Sollers , News , Sollers News

Sollers Consulting is the official sponsor of the second “InsurHack“ – hackathon organised by Zurich Germany in Cologne

Cologne, 9th October 2017:  Last weekend, from 6th to 8th October, the second hackathon InsurHack® took place at RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne. 26 interdisciplinary teams consisting of 130 developers, designers and programmers from 17 different countries took part in the competition to create executable software solutions and business ideas within 48 hours.

Sollers Consulting was once again the official sponsor and also held a guest lecture on Agile. The event was organised by Zurich Germany.

The hackathon started on Friday evening with an opening ceremony and speech. On Saturday, apart from the main event, the teams had the opportunity to participate in a variety of other activities like workshops, lectures and sporting activities. Additionally, soccer tables, cosy cushions as well as bikes were offered. Furthermore, special code-reviews and pitch training were conducted in order to specifically prepare the participants for the challenges. On Sunday, the final day, the teams presented their results of 48 hours hard work to an expert jury.

The key focus this year was customer orientation within the insurance industry. The teams could choose between two different categories: “Open Data” was concerned with artificial intelligence, for example machine learning and predictive analysis. “Everyday Insurance” focused on the development of digital insurance products for customers’ everyday life.

The winner of the “Open Data” category was team “Round Pancakes”. They impressed the expert jury with the idea of a DigitalAgent app for personalised insurance products. The app uses social media accounts and machine learning algorithms in order to analyse customer behaviour and customer needs. It can then propose personalised offers. The “Everyday Insurance” category went to team “Trojanian Horses” with an application that predicts upcoming ‘risky’ events near the user’s location (e.g. storms). In this case, customers are informed via smartphone and are rewarded if they try to minimise the probability of an accident. The top three teams in each category were awarded with prize money of 21.000€, 10.000€ and 5.000€ respectively.

Michał Trochimczuk (Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting) is convinced, “An event like this is paving the way for the digital future of the insurance industry and I am happy that Sollers Consulting is part of shaping it!”

“The event has been a great success,” says Fabian Fischer (Business Analyst, Sollers Consulting). “This year’s hackathon has revealed how creativity and agility can significantly contribute to achieving extraordinary results. It also reflects our company culture. It was very interesting to meet so many talented people and observe how they ovjercame the challenges. It was also a pleasure to support them not only as the sponsor’s representatives but also as IT experts and tutors. The innovative approaches and achievements were particularly impressive and were enabled with the help of APIs and new technologies such as Alexa and IBM Watson.”