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What is an underwriting workbench, and why should underwriters use one?
Jan 29, 2024 underwriting workbenches , Article , digitalisation

What is an underwriting workbench?

An underwriting workbench serves as a centralized platform where underwriters can access all the necessary tools, data, and insights throughout the entire process, from submission to binding. These workbenches typically enable underwriters to efficiently handle new business, renewals, and endorsements. With the inclusion of various automation features, underwriting workbenches facilitate improved risk selection, pricing, and nearly real-time quoting and underwriting.

Why should underwriters use one?

Underwriters are more likely to support the implementation of underwriting workbenches once they comprehend the numerous advantages they offer. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced Audit and Compliance Oversight: Underwriting workbenches provide advanced tools for conducting audits and ensuring compliance. This feature allows underwriters to maintain a high level of accuracy and adhere to regulatory requirements more effectively.
  • Streamlined Data Management: An underwriting workbench offers a unified platform for managing various aspects of the underwriting process. This includes receiving new business submissions, handling renewals, and processing endorsement data. By consolidating these functions into a single platform, underwriters can improve efficiency and reduce manual effort.
  • Centralized Data Integration: Underwriting workbenches serve as a central entry point for cleansing and enriching both structured and unstructured data. Underwriters can easily access and integrate data from submissions, third-party sources, and existing data silos. This becomes particularly valuable as underwriters gain access to a growing volume of data related to increasingly complex risks.

By recognizing these advantages, underwriters can appreciate the value of underwriting workbenches and the positive impact they can have on their day-to-day operations.