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Next generation claims handling at LV= General Insurance
Sep 18, 2019

Next generation claims handling at LV= General Insurance

London / Warsaw, 18th September 2019: LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) has modernised its claims handling platform which will deliver a better service experience for its customers. A team from Sollers Consulting supported the implementation. The project was a great success with a collaborative approach from both parties. The success was derived with the ability to deliver the new platform in parallel to other claims changes. The quality of the end result was outstanding with no disruption to LV=’s business.

In a twelve-month-effort LV= GI has modernized its IT-platform for claims handling. In 2018, LV= GI settled claims worth 1,16 billion GBP in total. LV= GI is one of the most trusted private lines insurers in the United Kingdom. A team of 4 LV= GI professionals and 8 experts from Sollers Consulting ran the upgrade of the existing claims system Guidewire ClaimCenter from version 6 to 9.

The people from Sollers felt completely part of our team and it’s clear that they were just as passionate as our own people when it came to success. They always delivered on time and on budget. Martin Milliner, Claims Director, LV=GI

‘The modernized platform enables LV= GI to utilize the most advanced insurance technology. It provides a sound background for future business expansion not only in terms of functionality but also in performance and security,’ explains Grzegorz Podleśny, Partner at Sollers Consulting. ‘We are very proud to have been involved in this project. Working with LV= was a very positive experience. We appreciate their professionalism, quick decision process and clear definition of key goals and values. Last but not least, it was a great and fun team to work with.’

LV= GI is following true customer-centricity in its IT strategy. The insurer intends to build a digital business model to respond to changing customer demands. LV= GI transforms into a platform where customers and insurance services get connected. The insurer emphasizes the importance of robust IT delivery and short time to market.

Working alongside Sollers for the ClaimCenter Upgrade was a pleasure. Their previous experience in such sizable upgrades really showed how thorough they were. Throughout the life of the project, they continually looked to unlock as much of the new functionality ClaimCenter v9 has to offer, helping deliver greater benefit to our business. Tom Finan, Product Owner, LV=GI

Eight Sollers Consulting experts from IT and business advisory teams were involved in the project. It was a truly international effort. Specialists from Sollers Consulting in Warsaw collaborated with LV= GI experts from Croydon and Bournemouth in the UK. The Agile methodology worked well and the mixture of co-location and remote working was ideal.

‘We really enjoyed working with Sollers. They provided expertise, drew on their experience and applied it to our situation. We look forward to further opportunities together’. Gavin Drescher, Chief Information Officer, LV=GI

‘The project was demanding as the new claims system had to respond to a broad variety of business needs. I am delighted that LV= GI is now making full use of a system that will secure its future as the third largest general insurer in the UK. The joint team of LV= GI and Sollers Consulting did a great job in adapting to a very dynamic environment,’ comments Grzegorz Podleśny.

On 10th February 2019, the new claims system went live. During the upgrade, the joint implementation teams of Sollers Consulting and LV= GI introduced the new system alongside new functionality as part of the Business as Usual process. In its new version, the claims system enables LV= GI’s customers to upload pictures, allows an AI-driven tool to calculate total loss estimates and prepares LV= GI to integrate many more functionalities