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Senior insurance executives meet again to discuss market challenges
Jun 05, 2018

London / Warsaw, 5th June 2018: 350 business leaders and IT professionals from over 90 insurance companies are participating in TINtech 2018 in London. They are discussing digital strategy, new technologies and regulations, as well as other current and future challenges and how to address them. Sollers Consulting is supporting the conference and exhibiting during the event.

TINtech is the leading technology strategy event for senior executives across the insurance value chain. The insurers, analysts, IT solutions architects and stakeholders from the General Insurance market who are participating in the conference have an opportunity to explore how technology is driving innovation and strategic change in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) environment. The aim is to enable more efficient business processes on both a company and market level.

Many topics discussed during this year’s edition address the ongoing challenges faced by the General Insurance Market. These include InsurTech and innovation, Blockchain, megatrends and technologies 2017-2050, as well as overcoming legacy challenges and using AI to transform the customer journey. The attendees are also very keen to exchange their opinions on current issues, such as GDPR, Brexit and TOM for LM.

We believe it is crucial for decision-makers to understand how and where technology can be used to address these various challenges,’says Grzegorz Podleśny, Partner at Sollers Consulting, explaining why the company is exhibiting during the event. ‘So far five major British insurers, both in General Insurance and the London Market, have trusted us with claims, messaging, data migration, quality assurance and project management. We see this event as a great opportunity to exchange our experiences with insurance business leaders so that we can continue to support digitalisation in Britain,’ he adds.

Drawing from almost twenty years of successful business and IT transformations in Europe and worldwide, Sollers Consulting sees its role in the market as chief advisory and implementation services provider for the insurance industry. By sharing expertise on the topic and critically analysing the current state of the insurance market, the company aims to help drive progress in the area.

It is the third time Sollers Consulting has supported an event hosted by The Insurance Network.