GoQu Dev

GoQu Dev

GoQu Dev

Real-time code scans in IDE

GoQu Dev is a local real-time scanner added to Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that works

as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA or Guidewire Studio.

The solution contains over 155 pre-defined rules that enable real-time static code analysis of work-in-progress

code before committing. It is also a great tool to improve programming skills of particular developer.​

GoQu Dev uses the same ruleset as GoQu Hub.​

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As Business Owner:

  1. My application is delivered faster.
  2. My final software has better quality.
  3. I can decrease cost of software implementation.
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As Technical Leader:

  1. I receive software code of better quality.
  2. My senior developers spent less time on teaching and assisting junior ones.
  3. I can focus on designing new features and developing existing ones.
  4. Software with lower level of technical debt is delivered to me

As Developer:

  1. I receive feedback about my code instantly and continuously.
  2. My performance is increased.
  3. I can use suggestions to improve my skills and programming knowledge.
  4. I can learn coding best practices.
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